Alien:Covenant +++SPOILER+++ Don´t read this if you didn´t seen it yet!

Ok, I saw last week the new Alien movie. I really love tihs one. Ridley Scott did another masterpeace. How he set and did the movie was just great. Everything reminds me a lot of the first original Alien from 79´, picking up a signal, go after and the $hit goes on, but it feeld right too me.
But I saw other “reminder” of the Aliens. The scene on the begining, were Daniels collect the stuff from his died husband. The shown wood on the screne reminds me on the Aliens ext. edition, were Ripley get told her daughter Amanda had died. Nice…it just makes me smile in the theater… And the ending…killing the final xenomorph by blowing it out into the space. :wink:

And without Michael Fassbender, the movie would be just “another bug hunt”. This guy makes the story and movie(s) soo much great. He plays the two characters David and Walter like hell. He definitely did a great work of acting (imo).


I didn´t understand the birht of the xenomorph. After he pop out of the captain, of the Covenant, the Xenomorph is not a chesstbuster, he is a little, tiny “xeno”, with legs, arms, body, and the typical head…why?


The origin of the Xenomorph are no secret anymore. It is a experimental of an “crazy” robot, who has too much time, alone on the creators home wolrd. Ok…I always thought this after Prometheus, but I always hopped that this didn´t happend and the directors and the authors would tell another story. So this part was just to clear to me after I saw the Alien Covenant prologue on Youtube:
“I wake you up, when we arive”. Sure!!! Aftre I saw this everything comes to light to me. David killed the creators with her own bio - weapon and used Dr. Shawe for his “experiments” with the black, sticky liquid.


I hope we will see another part of the story in the theaters, to get a final closing to Alien 79´. (The book of Covenant 2 comes out in September 2017).

What did you think about the movie?

I thought it was…good. better than alien resurrection and any alien movie after that. I like it better than alien 3, but that’s only because alien 3 never explained how the egg got there to begin with, or how one face hugger laid two eggs (fan theory and novelization does not count in lazy movie making. The movie should stand on its own without help in other media).

That said, it’s not scary nor action packed. Alien was scary. And James Cameron new he couldn’t be scarier, because Ridley Scott did all the tricks it could do in the first movie. So he made an action movie with overwhelming alien hoards to make up for the lack of scares.

Covenant cannot make a alien scarier, and it doesn’t have the action set pieces to compete with aliens. So it’s just sort of…there. it’s a bag of chips. It’s something to snack on. But you can’t make a meal of it. Taking a chest burster and making it come out of a throat or back, just feels rehashed than terrifying. 3 outta 5 for David/Walter acting.

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I honestly was not happy walking out after it ended.I thought it was so/so kinda…Definatly felt like I wanted more–I didn’t have that Scared feeling at all…The action was limited due to the number of Aliens they had to fight/survive-I thought it could of been a lot scarier…And no 3D pissed me off…Im going to see it one more time this weekend to make sure–Aliens is 100% my Favorite Aliens movie

The Queen was on the Sulaco, so she likely laid the egg there; it was never established that egg generation is impossible without the ovipositor. Also, Ripley’s account of the Xeno life cycle in Aliens is oversimplified; Kane was in isolation when the facehugger detached and it certainly lived long enough to climb into the overhead recess. It probably died just before dropping onto Ripley’s shoulder, since she did nothing to dislodge it. Ergo, there’s no hard evidence for the “one embryo per facehugger” theory, either.

I’ll probably watch Covenant at some point. I doubt I’ll be impressed, but I’ll keep an open mind until then.

Again, theory. If a hugger can lay two eggs, take 2 seconds for a character to say that in a movie. If a queen can lay an egg, sackless, show it. Off screen debate can save any movie, but it doesn’t change it’s failures during the run time.

After further review-- I think I like Alien Covenant now-I was disappointed that it wasn’t released in 3D back in May–Had time to cool off…Rented it a week ago and liked it a lot better this time.Bring on Alien 5 please and the next Prequel

Theory based on observations from the previous films. I drew these conclusions when I first saw Alien 3 at nine years old and unless Giler, Hill, or Ferguson admit that it’s a plot hole/perpetual mystery, I’m going to err on the side of their thought process being, “Audiences will get it; we don’t need to spell it all out.”

An additional note: when Aaron tells Ripley she’s carrying a Xeno, she replies, “That’s not possible.” But there it is. The Xenos are resilient bastards full of surprises.

I look at it as a production nightmare, with a director that got his legs cut out from under him, using script fragments from a dozen writers while writing stuff as they were filming, realizing an entire plot hole got missed and saying “uh…she just IS infected”. The making of alien 3 is a better story than the movie that was released

I’ll concede that it’s an unclear narrative ellipsis because the Queen has certain elements of a termite matriarch, but we’re not told just how many. That is, it’s unclear whether the Queen’s egg sac/ovipositor is an outgrowth or an actual distended portion of her abdomen. It is worth noting that physogastrism increases insect fecundity, but does not enable it as such.

Still, the egg doesn’t even appear in the Rex Pickett rewrite or Giler and Hill’s final draft; someone else must have felt it necessary and decided to include it. (On a related note, one helpful detail that Pickett’s draft does have is a clear CT scan view of the eggs inside Ripley’s Xeno embryo. This is how she deduces that it’s a Queen.)

Yes, I find Wreckage and Rage a better experience than the theatrical release, but not the Assembly Cut; they’re both fascinating in their own rights. I feel similarly about Under Pressure and The Abyss’s theatrical and special edition cuts.

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The abyss is another great “making of”.

I did not like covenant. Granted it was an entertaining movie but man did it screw a lot of things up. First off, I’m sorry but the idea that David created the xenos is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. It completely screws up the timeline. There is only 20 years between the end of this movie and the start of alien for an engineer to get a spaceship to LV-426 with a load of eggs, crash it and fossilize, sorry not possible.

Another thing, Shaw deserved better. At the end of Prometheus I was so excited to think that we would get to see Shaw get to the homeworld and get her answers and to find out that she was turned into some experiment and David turned Evil. Which begs the question how does an android turn evil?

Also how does a 30 second facehug produce an alien? In the original alien it was on Kane for hours before it came off and died. How does that work?

I could go on, but the point is mute. I really had high hopes for this movie, but like every movie after Aliens I continue to be disappointed. As much as I like Ridley Scott I think its time for him to withdraw from the Alien Franchise.


I hope the story continues, with or without Mr. Scott and his writing staff…

For me, it ís not a Alien - prequel at this time with this hugh cliffhanger between Prometheus / Covenant and the “original” from 79. It´s like Alien 4, some kind of “Another Alien - Story”, that got no direkt connection to the known story from Alien, Aliens and Alien³.

I like the idea to go away from the “beast”. But I think Mr. Scott shot to fast and over the goal, with David as super villian, in the second (prequel) movie…The origin of the xenomorph is something that you wanna see at last (in an Alien prequel), to keep the tension on.

It´s like a show from a famouse Rock - Band. They always play his biggest hit´s at last. But Mr. Scott play it at second position on his playlist. So everyone is leaving the concert after the second song. :man_facepalming:

I still hope that David isn´t the real creator of the xenomorph. In covenant we see an protomorph (prototype) that looks diffrent to the original xenomorph design. That would be one option to turn the story in the right direction.

For example:
David just found some “blue prints” of the xenomorph and try to create “it” with his “limited possibilities” on the creator outpost. In Prometheus you see a xenomorph and a facehugger on the “mural”.

Or what is about the deacon from Prometheus? Thats two points in the prequel story, that can´t the writters or Mr. Scott ignor. So the “beast” was known before David has creat the protomorph. If they ignor this points, THAT would be a epic fail to me.

But we will see. I expect the sequel to Covenant in maybe 2022, like the 5 years between Prometheus and Covenant. After Prometheus, Fox wasn´t amused about the sucsess and wasn´t ready to continue the story. It´s like the same situation we have right now with Covenant.