Alien interview

(Jake Armitage ) #1

IGN did a interview with Pitchford and they talked about Aliens. Nothing new. But it’s more recognition by gearbox than its had in years

(Pulser) #2

For those looking for the link…

(JTBollen) #3

30:45 - “F—in’ stupid s–t” is right. The game looked and played just fine once it was patched. The Legato’s destruction was blocky and the catapult sometimes went right through the Queen in “Home”; otherwise, there weren’t any graphical/gameplay elements that I’d consider broken by any means.

Tweaks I would’ve made that no one talks about:

  • Have the Stasis Interrupted retconning take place before the opening of Alien 3. That way, Hicks’s healed wounds make sense and the eerie, tragic montage remains intact.
  • Lengthen and vary the “Home” mission, having Winter coordinate with Cruz throughout the sequence to kill or eject the Queen. Cruz’s sacrifice can still come unexpectedly, but not as the result of the catapult simply failing to do the job. Making Winter’s climactic efforts ultimately pointless is a surefire way to underwhelm the player. The otherwise fine film The Beast (1988) also commits this colossal error, which is why it’s virtually unheard of today.