Alien Isolation ?What did you guys think?

Hey Crew–LongTime-No Hear–My son recently talked me into buying a PS4 despite my girlfrineds No-Go-stance…Bought Alien Isolation for PS3 upon release…was too busy-never gave it a real shot…Fast forward to 2 weeks ago…June 2106-got my PS4 and bought Alien Isolation…Beat this Bitch tonight with a little help from YOUTUBE…–made it thru 15 of 18 missions with no help…Anyway-so I absolutely loved it…Scary as Hell had me crawling a lot…Just seeing if any of you guys beat Alien Isolation yet and your thoughts on the Game

Loved it. Aside from hands down the best alien game ever made, its the 3rd best alien movie. Had beautiful graphics, great story that was well scripted, level design the truely honored the first film, and a genuine sense of dread in every hallway and vent, no stupid “new” style aliens, and as a bonus, the trailer and demo matched the finished product. Wish it sold better, so a sequel would be a no brainer.

I’d love to see what CA could do with a true Aliens sequel. Keep that terror and graphical quality and toss in some firefights. I’d preorder that in a heartbeat.

For me --I now have the Best of Both Aliens worlds…Ive Been in Love with Aliens Colonial Marines for PS3 forever and im now feeling the same love for Alien Isolation for PS4…The Destroy Nest/central reactor (mission 14)- had me paralyzed with fear crawling thru that ■■■■…I love how the Eggs look and explode when you torch them with the flamethrower-I really loved it–I also loved the walk to the Derelict ship- -I was expecting a better ending tho for Alien Isolation.Thats the only thing that dissapointed me about Alien Isolation.It really is a Terrifying game…The Sole survivor and Crew Expendable DLC are fun also…I just wish it would of let us Blow it out of the airlock like the movie. Are all the DLC for Alien Isolation fun?Really glad I decided to make a run at it again…