Aliens - The Ride (Planet Coaster)

Hey guys, check out this is amazing Aliens-inspired VR simulation. powered by Planet Coaster… 15 minutes long!

Incredible the effort people go to… (be sure to slap it in fullscreen)


Loves this–I took my Son to Orlando Florida in October and we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and they have these 3D- “Ride the Movies” type Rides…We stopped at Hollywood studios also at Disney… anyways…We were walkn around and I heard the Aliens music playing on the Speakers in the park–I told my kid that was the Aliens music—I’m thinking why the Hell is the Aliens music playing at Disney-Disney bought out Fox and now owns the rights to Aliens!!!PRAYING THEY MAKE A 3D ALIENS RIDE!!!Not sure if any of you have been to Universal Studios and have been on these 3D rides but they are UNREAL–Funnest Rides Ever-They could make a 3D ALiens Ride easily–

Fun facts. 1) alien is/was at Disney Hollywood studios Florida, as part of “the great movie ride” (p.s. the ride sucked). 2) lilo and stitch alien escape was originally an Alien themed “ride” where instead of a giant insect alien thing being beamed into the room, an Alien breaks out and kills the staff. Michael Isner was the President of Disney and really wanted it, but the imagineers revolted and refused to be a part of it.

I remember that ride in Florida… The scene was Ripley holding the Flamethrower with the sirens going off around her.

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Never knew --I didn’t get to Orlando till 2015 with my Girl–then October 2017 with my Kid for his 21st–What year was the Aliens Ride there??If they could make a new Aliens 3D ride anything like the StarWars 3D Ride or all those Rides at Universal and Islands----It could be something real good…Face Huggers Eggs opening- jumping out at you in 3D–Possibly getting chased thru Hadleys Hope–The Queen -0All that-The whole experience in a 4-5 minute Ride.

The great movie ride closed within the last year or two. It had a alien scene, not a full ride.

The lilo and stitch version of a alien experience never opened. It was repurposed as the lilo and stitch escape ride/show.

The only alien ride is set to debut at the 20th century fox amusement park in Malaysia. I don’t see them making their opening date though. They are slated to have a AvP ride.

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Well–just gotta wait thenLoL-Sooner or Later hopefully…Malaysia’s probably not going to happen for me…take care Jake-will tty guys about the new game hopefully soon