Alignment issues

This is kind of a bug but it only comes up when modding.

Several ships, namely the Taiidan assault frigate and the taiidan support frigate currently suffer from the meshes used to spawn bullets not lining up correctly.

This isn’t an issue in the normal RNG system really but is a complete blocker for the development of Bulletmod.

I know this is probably the 5th or so thread and or request iv made in getting this mod up and going but this one is a hard barrier where as previous comments have been an ease of life case.

As far as I can tell there are two ways for this to be fixed, either a patch from you guys at gearbox fixes the meshes, or we gain access to the hod files. However if there is another workaround I am missing then I would greatly appreciate anyone who can direct me to it.

I don’t mean to be impatient with this or anything similar it is simply a matter of my work being completely stalled until these issues are solved. So I thank you guys at Gearbox for any attention you pay this and the community at large for any assistance.

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Sadly no, aside from the hod itself obviously resulting in only a partially textured model, the weapons remain completely inaccurate, this post here is the main theory, is this what you did?

Also thank you so much for your help even if it doesn’t fix it in the long run.

Yes, that is more or less what I did based on the limited info you provided. The model is supposed to be untextured but the latitude is more closely aligned with the muzzle and moved forward. I’ll look over that thread but that is pretty close to what I did.

strange because in testing it continued to shoot pretty much the same

Here it is with the latitude parked right up behind the muzzle.

still no dice, my money is no longer on the hod file, but im stumped where else to look.

in fact the only result seems to be the barrels animating very oddly.

ok, I will look at the Taiidan Support Frigate and see if I can spot a correlation. Is there a Taiidan ship with a similar turret mechanism that works well?

edit: I updated the file to zero out the ‘Rest’- it was rotated 17 degrees top, 3 degrees bottom to align itself with the ‘Muzzle’. I don’t know if it will help-try it. Both the Taiidan Assault Frigate and the Support Frigate have rotated rests and muzzles. Might be the problem, might not.

tried a little something myself also took a screeny of whats going on, you can clearly see the muzzles are not lining up right

is what I see

should work now, had it set to private, if not let me know, i did some checking and no, this turret type is only present on this frig and the support frig, thus there are no examples of it working correctly

Ok, I see what you are after (I thought the problem was your shots were not traversing the length of the barrel from the latitude to the muzzle).

We’ll bang on this tomorrow.

I actually got it, thanks to carl on relic news, realign the rest node with the muzzle, and boom