All around great. My favorite BB so far. Thoughts on Mellka?

Mellka all around is a great BB. It is all about team work, knowing when to go in for the kill or aoe minions. In and out tactic.

I like her passive health regen, combo with the right gear box and you are set.

Thoughts on Mellka?

She looks so cool and would definitely work with my playstyle, her unlock is just such a high level though :grimacing:

The higher unlock is worth it, she is a beast. Extremely fun! That is the only BB i use for now. I just unlocked G-man so I have to try him at least once.

Is she OP?

I am not the right person to answer that question. I had a 14 kill streak with her. I don’t think she is, she is just very good at 1v1 especially against Rath. However, I have trouble against Gali, Ambra, Shayne, Montana, and El Dragon.

I love her too. I thought Caldarius would be my man, but Mellka proves to be more sufficient in harassing the enemy and not dying.

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Those are the two I am looking forward the most to. I was also super surprised and ended up loving Reyna, she’s my fav of what I’ve unlocked so far.

She definitely feels a lot better from when i used her in the CTT. She’s basically just Caldarius but with increased damage and less mobility. her DOTs combined with her increased gun damage make her a really annoying harassing character that you just cannot catch. Overall i like her but prefer Caldarius for his god like movement speed and satisfaction of a good dunk.

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Exactly my thought…just that I can’t really pull out enough damage from her…maybe because I always had horrible matchups, that limited my damage (Galilea and Boldur especially, as I seem to only make damage with my poison) . Her skills are pretty much Caldarius’s passive with damage (maybe because I rely heavily on his mobility for strafing, that I have problems with Melka as she has CDs on her mobility). She is really cool, but I seem to have no talent for her.

If you need help just add me and if I’m on I’ll be happy to assist you. PSN: Kasus12
It’s kinda hard to explain in text how to use her effectively without a wall of text.

Her gun is probably the easiest to get crits with. Her R1 is great for getting up onto ledges in the middle of a fight, giving you an advantage over a melee character as they’ve probably lost track of you after you’ve done this and her reload grenades are great for harassing faraway targets if you know how to lob them well enough.

Just got her, she’s a lot of fun, and is really good, maybe a tad OP

I love her so far. Probably one of my top 3 to play with. Although I wished her gun did little more damage. Everything else seems balanced. Nothing to complain just what I mentioned earlier

Her gun already does crazy high damage.

I like Mellka a lot but the fact that she doesn’t have a shield makes me really uncomfortable. I mean, I’m always in the middle of chaos and if I’m not, I’m looking for it. Not having a shield makes me feel vulnerable, I know she has health regeneration, but personally, its not enough.

Silly me. When you said shield I was imagining Mellka in a live action film and in game with a physical yellow holographic shield where she could still shoot while it is active. Lmao.