All backpack items and BAR skills points GONE

Last night I decided to farm Felicity for heads and purple Doppelganger class mods. Just as you get the area with the vending machines and chest before her arena, I made a stop to sell a few items and loot the chest. By complete mistake, I thought I was in my own menu screen and pressed “Y” to what I thought was to drop the item I didn’t want. Instead, I was in the vendor menu and accidently sold “all non favorites” out of my back pack.

I instantly realized what I just did and scrolled over to the buy back option, no biggie, right? I’ll just buy back everything…except, not everything was there. In fact there were only 10-15 random items and not the whole 33-36 items I was carrying. The items I was equipped with remained so. At this point, I dashboarded immediately to avoid running past a save point. Didn’t work. So at this point I was wondering when the game saved or if there was a huge glitch that happened, really confused and p*ssed that all my weapons were gone.

This morning I thought I would go in and see if there was a previous save from earlier last night(pre glitch) and load that one. There was but when the save loaded, the Xbox said that particular save was corrupted and when it was, an automatic save was made. The automatic save kicked in right before I dashboarded with all weapons gone. I also notice for the first time that my BAR score is 7k instead of 17k and it zeroed out all of my assigned points so it was stating I had about 80 or so tokens to redeem. However, all BAR challenges were where they were previously, it just wasn’t giving me the BAR score and stripped away the %s I assigned.

Curious, I loaded my 2nd toon and went straight for the BAR. As soon as the menu came up all my BAR scores were back to normal but all the % and tokens were not assigned so I had to re-assign about 215 or so tokens which was a pain the a$$ let me tell you. I was more worried about the BAR than I was losing weapons.

My questions now are, based on this one question; Where/when did the auto save kick in?

  1. Selling of an item is an auto save? I didn’t think so.
  2. If you sell all non favorites, is there a limit of how many you can buy back? I.E. does the vending machine only have an assigned amount of spots for this and the rest are lost to eternity?
  3. What glitch would’ve caused my BAR rankings to reset and be split between toons?
  4. Did selling all non favorites of about 35 items or more cause the glitch?

just glad I got my BAR back

but seriously, W. T. F.

Update: just now noticed i lost 176 golden keys.

Missing heads and skins as well

Did you put in a support ticket?

nah, what can they really do?

restore it with your backup save or profile

How would they do that?

I had a save from 2 hours before the occurrence. When I tried to load that save, the Xbox said the files were corrupted and therefore an auto save was made at the time which was right after the event of me losing everything.

Magically, my BAR was pretty much restored somehow when I loaded games for both my toons. I just had to re-assign all the tokens I had earned.

So, at this point, I’m just wondering if there is anything I can do to get the keys back and avoid this in the future. The weapons are no biggie, I can get those anytime by farming and friends.

I did submit a ticket just now.

they can restore keys for sure.

how? just give me codes?

I don’t know how but they can, I don’t work on their end but they have done it in the past.

I submitted a ticket explaining that if they could help with codes to get most of the keys back that would be fine. The skins and heads I can easily get as they drop all the time now. I was more concerned about the BAR points but that was restored somehow.

Bar is restored simply by loading up each character

ok thanks.


Thank you to Nicholas and Lucas at Gearbox Technical Support. They were able to get my lost BAR and recovered all 176 Golden Keys I lost.

Thanks again for the help, excellent service.