All badass rank points re-assignable after character import HC BL2?

I submitted a ticket to Shift ten or so days ago, and they still haven’t been able to get my BAR right in BL2. The upload/download for my character went the same as it did for BLTPS (where everything came through beautifully), but it’s giving me 21,504 BAR (the amount I had) with no way to re-allocate the points (like I was able to do with BLTPS). It’s like I have them- it says 21,504 in bug numbers at the top of the menu- they’re just not assigned to any bonuses. I threw three of my “reward” BAR points into bonuses to see that the system is working correctly, and it did assign those points, but the rest of them are just sitting there.

I just wanted to check and see: Did everyone have the opportunity to reassign all of their BAR points after they imported their character? I’m not very excited about doing this 21,000 times, but that would be better than not having them at all after I earned all of them on the 360.