All banked items deleted

So this happened to me a few days ago. I’d stashed quite a number of annointed items away so it’s really is frustrating.

Has anybody had success in trying to fix this and get their items back?

I’ve seen you can create a ticket but I couldn’t guarantee all of the specific items I had in there only some of them.

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Happened to me yesterday, I just restored a previous version of the profile.sav. Windows File history made this easy for me, any backup software should be capable of this

Without having a back up available your best bet is to file a support ticket and hope for the best about what you get restored.

I think the risk reward of restoring probably falls on the wrong side for me. Perhaps a support ticket is the only viable route.

Such a shame.

For what i know (didn’t happend to me) if you send a ticket to gearbox they ask you your shift datas and the list of the items you lost and after a bit they send you all back

I can’t be wholly accurate with the list and judging by their process here neither can they. I’ll put a ticket through when I can and feed back to you nice people when I get their reply.

Totally get that.

Maybe put in the list only the weapons you used the most?

They just send to you automatic response, email and after nothing, waiting for more than two weeks, still waiting for something.

Sorry this has happened to you but this is all over the boards already sadly no particular post is stickies but here’s my main post on this issue to help you out.