All banked items have disappeared

All my weapons etc in the bank have just disappeared and now nothing is in there any more. All my legendary weapons gone :frowning:

Same here. Just went to put stuff in and it was empty.

same my xbox crashed and when i restarted it all bank item lost skin,head,camo gone lost everything … super disapointed

same here. Playing on ps4 couch cooperative, player 2. Lost EVERYTHING. Pissed off. Character Amara. Arrrrrgggghhhhh. Legendary, mods…

I lost all of mine too. Not sure if it was a glitch playing split screen or what. Not happy!

lost my guardian point too

mines a little different I was farming for two hours got an 2 amazing legendary class mods and 2 amazing guns. then loged off to take a nap got back on it said something about cloud. then when I logged in all my stuff was gone the stuff I farmed for 2 hours complete gone and nothing was saved

I lost everything too. A whole bunch of the pre-order weapons and gear. After I fought Troy Calypso the game booted me under the map, so I blacked out and resumed my game. I went to Sanctuary to drop some stuff off and my bank was empty. I bought the Xbox one ultimate deluxe pre order version.