All Battleborn displayed as Unlock - Preventing from unlocking Alani

Hi everyone,
Hi dear support,

I have a bug with my Battleborn display.
They are all displayed as Unlock.

This prevent me from unlocking Alani … (I have season pass).

Plz fix This …
Give me a work around ?

I have already try to uninstall and re-install the game.


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Same here, Ticket sended too, im really sad for this bug/glitch

I cant open “Characters” Page.

i’m having this same issue. it seems more widespread than i initially thought. support has been super unhelpful and is not communicating very well

Hi guys,

We’re actually investigating this issue as we speak. Would it be possible for me to get your support IDs? From the Main menu, go to Options, Support Info, and then post a screenshot of the info there. I can then pass that on to our team to look into for you. We know this is really frustrating and appreciate your patience!

Hey joe im having the same proble on XB1 but heres my support ID: K9C2TYF2TM

Hey Joe,

Thanks for your answer !
Do you know when we can expect a fix for this ?
Do you know if we can expect any compensation for this ? Since we have payed to enjoy a new char and can’t play it :slight_smile:

Here is my support ID : BB8KPB6SZZ

PC STEAM account, and thanks a lot for your reply ^^

Fix for this?

Yep … One day it will be great … Like before the 31 of May ? Oh … it’s tomorrow …
Can we expect a refund of our season pass ?

We believe this issue has been resolved for most people, but clearly not everyone. Can you guys get me your support IDs (main menu-options-support info)? Thanks!

I’m having a similar problem in that I couldn’t see any of the unlock requirements for each Battleborn, but since Alani came out I cannot access the Character shop either, which I presume is where I can buy her. I’m not a Season Pass Holder, at least not yet, but I’d like to know if this problem can be rectified as I plan to get a Pass within the next week.

I work a lot so just checked to see if the issue was fixed I have the season pass and have been trying to deal with this issue in my very rare off time. I’m currently not at home but will soon send a screenshot of my support id when I get home. Is there an approximate timeframe I can expect this to be fixed once I send the information. Would really like to be able to play this character soon. I’m on the Xbox One by the way. Thanks!!!

Here are images showing the problem, thanks.

Still not fixed for me :frowning:

so i am having this issue too… but i experienced it right after i unlocked Alani… i am unable to see what characters i have unlocked … but i am still able to unlock characters by completing the challenges

So I’m having the same issue, it says Alani is unlocked… but she’s not I had this with Ghalt a while ago but I thought it was normal, and now I cannot unlock Alani :frowning:

same for me. Alani, Ghalt and Deande still locked but they appear unlocked. Its ok for Ghalt and Deande since ill eventualy unlock em, but Alani is an issue since i cant unlock her

Same problem.

I can’t even screenshot the game because it shows a black screen.

I’ve pre-ordered the game to have benefits over other gamers, and have the content when it’s released,
not to wait days till your team fixes it…

You have like 5000-10000 players in total, it’s a shame that U can’t listen them. U should PRAY every day
so this game holds on xd it’s amazing what the gaming industry has become -w-

And can I refund my game? No, of course!!

I was told to clear the cache and followed the step by step directions given to me but no luck. Still not getting the free unlock and season pass still going to grey screen when trying to use manage. I was told it was an issue with shift account not recognizing the season pass by someone else that had this issue and they told me there is nothing I can do on my side of the issue but wait for support to fix it.


I PAYED THIS FFS!! Want my fking money back, I sent U staff an e-mail and U didn’t even read it!!