All bb TWITCH STREAMERS come here!


Hey everyone, I wanted to create this thread for twitch streamers who love battleborn and want to put there stream out there. So if you stream you better REPLY TO THIS THREAD!

Lets find all streamers/viewers and put battleborn on the top of the twitch list!

Lets make it possible to get 1k viewers on battleborn this week.

Feel free to follow the format below or create your own!


STREAM SCHEDULE: Trying to make an effort to do daily streams but my job doesn’t let me

Main Character: Everyone

I normally stream battleborn and create youtube videos. You can request a character for me to play. I am also looking for someone to collaborate on youtube or stream. I’m pretty big on collaborating.



I stream on XBOX, I play with viewers and other streamers a lot, I’ve got a lot of knowledge about the game and love helping others with tips or questions. I play all characters, and will take requests lol

Sometimes we wind up putting together privates with viewers too. I’m mostly on in the evening (US time)
Even if I’m not on though, you can always check out the archive and highlights for ridiculousness


I haven’t streamed in a while because of health issues that came up a while back. Once those are taken care of I plan to start streaming again. I streamed a lot during the Early Access Preview. I was having so much fun I kind of overdid it. Not all of it was fun though. It sucks being the least skilled player in a small player base. And if you want to find me on Twitch the name is the same here as it is on Twitch.


I have Twitch, but I haven’t set up a stream. Should I even bother setting it up? I’ve been skeptical about getting one started. Is it easy to stream while I play on xbox? I don’t understand the want to view someone playing, but if it means more people interested in playing BB then I suppose I could learn.

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I stream occasionally during Evenings GMT. No point making a fancy schedule if you’re not popular enough.
I’m aiming to go through multiple characters, getting each one to Level 15 +onemoregame.

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Mobile link:

Every Sunday night (we usually start between 9:00pm-11:00pm and run till like 2:00am)

My twin brother and I turn video-games into drinking -games. We play a lot of battleborn but some nights we play something else.
If your of age your welcome to join us. If not just watch the stream or play with us and try to make us drink even more.

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Moved to the fan creations section!

Thanks love.

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Generally before 1400 UTC because of my internet - and also because of that I haven’t been streaming much. That’s really early for me and I’d rather spend my bandwidth on uploading to youtube.

N/A - I try to pick the best character to compliment my team, but if I’m feeling lazy, Caldarius, Toby, or ISIC.

Currently playing on PS4. PC got too framey for me after the Alani update. :[
Love to team up. Used to do it on Transformers games online matches. We had “perspectives” videos that showed each of our views on the team. Was really cool to see who was where, and when, what they were doing, how that affected the game, etc.
Currently recording every match I play. Currently only uploading matches where Legendaries are acquired (PvE all the way)
Would love to make a “What Not To Do” series, and maybe a “solo mission” series for different characters, but I need to master more first.
Probably also a strategem series. I love this game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just curious about the perspective view.
My brother and I both play on Xbox1 and stream every sunday. The problem is we are in totally different cities.
How did you get multiple players screens to appear on 1 twitch channel?
We’ve been dying to figure this out

I dont talk rn because my mic just broke a few days ago, but if anyone wants to watch skilled play or play with me for fun or want tips and tricks I can stream it on ps4 just add me/msg me (TrihardD-rex)

Thanks everyone for posting! Let’s keep it going!

I stream on XB1, along with a bunch of great streamers. Kenespo, Volume, SadHyperion, IgetBiddies, Coregno, Rambosama, just to name a few. We are doing our best to grow the BB community because this game is very overlooked. Because of Overhype. I main Miko, and Rath, along with Orendi and a few others. We plan on participating in a lot of tournaments so we have been doing a lot of private matches (we rotate viewers)

Unfortunately due to recently becoming disabled, I stream all the time. Mostly from 8:00AM-3:00PM est and 5:00PM-whenever. Everyone is welcome to come. We are here to educate, have fun, and grow make this game get the recognition it deserves.



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Thank for for making Battleborn an awesome and trying to grow the community.

Hello everyone! Thanks to @ssfjustin for making this thread. Huge fan of battleborn and would love to help bring more attention to such a great game. I’ve been streaming every night pretty consistently since release, from the hours of 11pm to about 4 am EST. (GT lazyfoal5993448). I haven’t been using a Mic due to low viewer counts, but I’m totally open to doing so. I mainly play PvP, with a little story sprinkled in every now and again. Sometimes matchmaking wait times are longer than desired (the ELO is too Damn high lol), but I would be happy to take that time to converse, debate, and answer any questions the viewers might have. I feel I have a firm grasp on the mechanics of the game and together, we can shed some light and help to elevate each others overall play and experience! I’m open to gametypes, character requests, testing theory, gear loadouts and the like. I want to say thank you to the viewers who have already visited my channel (especially the first!) and those who visit in the future. Lets take this game to the next level! Good luck, and see you on the battlefield!

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Just like adding a webcam. :slight_smile:

I actually did it before streaming was a big deal, so it was edited in post and uploaded to youtube, but if I were to do it today, streaming, I’d actually have to have the other player local (preferably, otrherwise one video will always be lagged behind the other) and simply have the other input going into my pc and setting up the canvas to display the two video inputs side-by-side.

From a distance…you’d just need their video stream on your canvas somehow…you could take it from their twitch (with permission obviously), skype, etc. anything obs or your software can play next to yours simutaneously, just like adding a mic. If I was doing it for a stream, I’d probably like to have 4 players in a 4k canvas just so the vid wasn’t lopsided. With only two players, having a small corner screen like a webcam might work better, depending on how you like your output setup.

Thanks for the response. So how do you edit your “canvas” on twitch to display someone else’should broadcast. We’re both pretty new to the streaming thing.

It would be through whatever service or application you’re using to broadcast. I use OBS (it’s free, popular, and powerful enough). For instance, Procaster, last time I used it, wasn’t capable of editing the canvas.
If that doesn’t answer your question then we might want to switch to PM as it’ll start to get wordy and I’ll have to troubleshoot exactly where/what I need to explain. :slight_smile:

SUPER late to this party, but I occasionally stream Battleborn from PC with XSplit Gamecaster amid my scheduled streams!

If there are any other PC-based Battleborn streamers who want to get into some shenanigans (I’ve been really itching to get further in Toby’s Friendship Raid, for instance), hit me up! It’d be nice to do a regular rotation of it. I’m just scared to solo queue PVP. /o\

I don’t have a schedule, but usually if i’m playing, I’m streaming. And I play a lot o.0