All borderlands have the same textures now?

I know borderlands 1 comes with the new textures build in, and for borderlands 2 we had to download the ultra hd pack now my question is are they both the exact same?? So that means that borderlands 1 AND 2 have the same exact textures???
Just curious…

Someone mentioned that the overlay that appears when Angel is communicating with you has been made the same between BL1 and BL2. Only just got my copy downloaded, though - haven’t even had a chance to fire it up!

Yea heard that too also the texture issue i was having is not there in borderlands 1 goty so i hope the texture pack fixed it thats why i was asking if bl 2 is the same now as bl 1 texture wise? Hope so guess ill test it later having fun with bl 1 atm haha