All characters Damage is BROKEN!

I’ve been playing Zane since day one. He’s awesome. When it works. I’m noticing a massive bug. I’m currently using the Flakk and it does some amazing dmg but sometimes its like its a level 30 gun. it does like 300 dmg per explosion on mayhem 3. Same with every other gun I have been using. all were acquired in mayhem 3 and yet it’s extremely intermittent and extremely annoying. This is game breaking and should be looked at immediately. I’m getting sick of restarting the check point I’m at over and over again.

I’m done with this game till this ■■■■ is fixed.

Did you check what modifiers you got for playing Mayhem 3? You can check by opening up your menu and going to the map. If you did know about that my bad, but i’ve seen some people who never noticed

But yeah, that might be the case, they have debuffs that lower shotgun damage or all damage by 25- ECT ECT

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Mayhem modifiers?? You know that some lower gun dmg, elemental dmg, enemies get extra shields/health…

That makes no sense. To go from doing 5k+ to 300 randomly? Wtf is that even in the game? Also it happens a ton with Zane. Rarely with Moze for some reason. I also have a theory that it has something to do with any projectile slide mod. It happens way more often when I have one equipped.

It’s them Mayham modifiers u can disable or lower the Mayham Mode on Sanctuary

Ok. Can we stop treating me like I don’t know anything about this game. It’s not just the flakk gun. It’s every gun. SMG, AR, shotgun, heavy weapons, grenades. Even melee attacks are randomly weakened. Something is buggy for sure. When you can’t get through a zealots shield with a shock anything? Something is broken.

like everyone said, when it happens checke the mayhmen mods you have at the moment.

Do they randomly change or something?

they change with every map change i believe

But I don’t change maps. It usually happens in the middle of fights.

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Ehm you do realise that while playing Zane depending on your build your damage output literally depends on either action skill uptime and/or “playing dirty” uptime.

Depending on build you literally do 100%+ damage while your action skills are up and way less without them. If you have “playing dirty” and it does proc multiple times in a row you can easily deal 500k+ damage within a split second while for example using the lyuda compared to not even 100k if it doesn’t proc multiple times.

Not to mention that Mayhem Modifiers affect Zane a lot since he doesn’t have any elemental weapon damage boost on the tree. If you’re entering an area that reduces your gun damage by 70% or maybe even more you literally do 0 damage as Zane.

Make sure to open your map an check the map modifiers. I have a purple elemental shotgun that does 100k hits and ticks for 15k+ dot damage a second with certain Mayhem mods while it literally doesn’t even hit for 5k with bad modifiers.

Yes. I know…

are you on Mayhem mode? mayhem mode has modifiers. so you could be getting a “-50% gun damage +45% action skill damage and cooldown rate” or just a “-70% shotgun pistol and smg damage +70% assault rifle and sniper rifle damage”

Modifiers, modifiers, modifiers…