All Characters Unlocked Glitch

Hey guys, I saw another post about the same thing, but none of the suggestions helped me. For some reason, after completing the game on Normal, the game now shows a visual error where all the characters are unlocked, but the ones that I have not ACTUALLY unlocked are not selectable during missions etc.

Any suggestions?

That’s very odd.

Submit a support ticket here:

Ita for xbox one as well i saw it within beta it doesnt affect game really so i just dont pay heed to it.

yeah I had this happen to me too. Its kinda of annoying that I need to look online now to know how to unlock a character. one thing I don’t like about this bug is it going to glitch the new characters that come out too?

This has also happening to me, it’s super annoying seeing everything as unlocked then not being able to play as them. This first start happening after playing a split-screen online match with my brother as we both used Kleese to try him out. Not to mention I’ve done the Challenge for Toby as well, and yet cannot play as him.

I posted a similar thread this morning… I think Im having this issue as well :frowning: thought I had unlocked them all but in storys or matches there are still a few left that are locked

Don’t look online for it, I can’t remember exactly where it is, but it is easily viewable in the command section in game… Could be statistics where you look at all your challenges, but there is one for “Characters” and it shows you what you have unlocked/need to unlock and the requirements to complete them :slight_smile:

I know about the command section that tells you how to unlock them, but this glitch show all my char’s are unlock so it doesn’t show what’s needed to unlock them even though they’re still lock.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore I only got 1 guy left to unlock anyway.

It tells you in the command section… Press R1 and go across to either the third or fourth tab, and you’ll come to screen with lots of percentage… Go to Character and it tells you exactly how to unlock them… This is fact, so I think your are misunderstanding me :slight_smile:

After looking at what you said you are right, I didn’t even think to look at my career tab. :laughing:

I’ve encountered it and it also seems to prevent you from unlocking any remaining characters properly. I just won 5 missions with jennerit characters and ambra is still locked.

I have the same issue and it is affecting the alani unlock it seems. It shows she is unlocked in command center and then when i get into a match it says i haven’t unlocked her. I can’t access the character tab in the marketplace tab of the command center.