All classes are equal? BS

Everytime I see someone picking Caldarius, deande, ghalt, attikus or whiskey I wanna quit the game, apart from those 10% of people who can actually do something with those characters you put the whole team to disadvantage. I know this is supposed to be 25 character game but id say only about 15 of them can be used competitively. The opposite happens when I am up against a well balanced team, lets say miko, thorn,gali, oscar, isic. So my last game I was put with marquis, ghalt, caldarius, whiskey and me as klesse, guess how it turned out. I would even say a team without Miko is couple of times less likely to succeed than a team even with average miko. I wouldnt be surprised if that was new players doing it, but i am mostly matched with level 90-100s. This is not call of duty where all you do is headshot someone from 30 yards. Not to mention with all these wave clearing abilities we struggle with wave clearning(!) what are these people doing? To anyone who knows my pain add me on ps4 : quikpl

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If a team goes with all of those it won’t go so good however a team with one of them can help the team instead. Btw which mode are you playing?

I’m a hard Ghalt player, medium on Deande and Caldy, and pretty soft on Whiskey and Att. Ghalt is one of the most difficult to play, and play AGAINST characters in game. He’s got medium range, but in that range, he can be the undisputed master of the field. But it comes from knowing his pacing. You can’t just start off fights with The Hook and Scraptraps, and expect to DPS people down. More than anything else, his timing needs to be well understood to be played effectively. Outside of that, the only advice I’d give to new players with Ghalt, would be to take Attack Speed over Attack Damage. Because AS also helps with his Ult, which won’t scale as well with AD. And for the love of god, READ HIS HELIX CHOICES BEFORE YOU PLAY HIM!! Ghalt can very easily gimp himself with two picks: Slugrounds at level 3(He’s medium range…why are you trying to snipe with a shotgun?) and Both Barrels Blazing at level 7(Trading a ton of pellets for a pair of slugs…whacks with a rolled up newspaper BAD!! BAD GHALTY!!!)

Deande’s a little looser, but you have less room for error. Ghalt at least starts out a little beefy at 1388 health; he can take a good hit or two before he needs to bail. Deande on the other hand, is more of a frustration until 4-5th when her abilities start really coming online. So don’t try and force the kills with her. Clear the minions, and assist in teamfights. DON’T try to be a gloryhound; getting a kill with Deande is possible, getting one and getting AWAY, is the tricky part. I don’t know if there’s a way to gimp Deande with a bad pick or two, though I always take the AoE effect of her Burst Dash instead of the other two at level 1. The last thing you want with her, is focused stall-dashing into an enemy. Take the whirlwind and enjoy. :slight_smile:


All characters you named have a high learning curve and are hard to master. I even think you picked exactly the 5 Battleborn that are most complex and only decent if they are decently played.
(I can´t do a thing with one of them btw, I like things simple^^)

All of them are deathmachines in the right hands.

Simple tip: No matter which Battleborn it is - if you have not played him yet, try him/her/it in Pve first. At best in a private mission. Read the helix choices carefully, play around, learn the moves.

The issues you describe evolve not from the 5 chars you listed, but from players which jumped into open matches a bit prematurely.
Even Gal can be bad if played, well, bad. Bad is bad, not Ghalt or Deande. I hope you´ll encounter some badass Attikus or Ghalt in your team soon - they´ll blow your mind! :heart:


Excatly my thinking, instead of going straight to PVP with a new class, read up, watch that class on youtube, find out the best helix options, at least thats what I did before playing every character.
But im still standing that some characters are better than others, i admire people mastering them against the odds, but I would choose almost all classes over deande. She is not an assasin, her dmg is low, her surv is average, poor at clearing waves.


Please tell me it’s Whiskey. Of all the BB, that poor guy desperately needs some buffin. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I love Ghalt’s style, but I’m not very good with him at the moment, haven’t really got a good groove with him. Deande, on the other hand, is great! I was opposed against another Deande, and we were both the death machines of the game. We were both tied at 16, but she suffered six deaths, whereas I only had one. I was only beat by our Marquis, who didn’t die once.

Some Battleborn have quite a learning curve, like one you see in a fighting game. Find their groove however, and you realize how great they actually were. It took me all beta to figure out Benedict, but it’s worth it when your leading around an Aurox like a bullfighter and getting those trick shots in with a perfectly guessed rocket.


Fair enough classes like Benedict have a massive learning curve, some of them are defenitally not for me thats why i stick to 3-4. But from a strategic point of view some of them dont bring much to the table even in the best hands, even that game was played on esl most of the players would pick only a handful of characters, and you would probably see miko in most of them.

What do you mean? I´m confused :sweat_smile: (totally lost the context >.<)

I haven’t played as much PvP as many, no doubt, but I can think of at least one match for each and every character in the game when whoever was behind the wheel just “got them” and dominated.

Sometimes these guys were on my team, sometimes the other team. It is 100% undeniable that some characters have a higher learning curve, but these are the guys who usually perform the best when you reach the top of that curve. Pretty much anyone can grab Oscar Mike and shoot/grenade their way through waves. Pretty much anyone can grab Rath and Spin to Win.

It’s those times when you catch a burst death from a Benedict you didn’t even know was there that you’ve met a master. Or a Toby just owning a lane with his rail cannon and mines. (This was a great one that was on my team. Incursion/Overgrowth, dude was just on auto-pilot. He landed crits with ease, and every time they put the heat on him he booster-jetted and pressed right back. I was OM, just fire-supporting his effort and clearing waves with him for a lot of the match, so I had a front-row seat and it was impressive to watch.)

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I get that Whiskey isn’t the best with base stats, but I don’t think he’s a bad character at all. I’ve had a 14 and 0 game with him before. Use a gear build with crit damage, skill damage and reload speed. Early helix I take scrap cannon pushback and damage boost on enemies hit by scrap cannon. Mid- game I take sticky nade drain, Overall, try to get your stickies to output as much damage as possible. The key to him is to trigger his kill buffs. Kill a minion before attacking a player and land those stickies. Only use your special when you need to pick up a quick kill/get out of a bad situation. Use scrap cannon pushback to control crowds. Once you get his character rank up and unlock his mutations you can fire off three napalm nades and get health regen off of each kill (minions included).

It depends on what you want out of them. Miko’s my default healer. Not so much because he’s great at healing(though…yeah he IS) but because his abilities don’t get in the way OF his healing. I can chuck a spore bomb or some Kunai, and immediately flip to heals if it’s needed. No cooldowns, no lost DPS, no missed shots at control. The other healers aren’t that capable.

The weakest character I’ve seen so far, is Whiskey, but again, it depends on how you play him. I had to spend quite a few matches to get over the “Oscar Mike with less pushing ability” feel with him. WF starts to shine in mid game, where he’s tossing three grenades that burn as hot as OM’s, but can be spread over a wider area. Whiskey’s more about making, then capitalizing on a reversal than he is just outmuscling another DPS or tank. it’s not that he can’t do it, but it’s better if he doesn’t try and TRADE with enemies, just throw them hard onto the backfoot and burn them down afterwards.

Toby’s another one. A solid tank with more movement than Caldy, as long as you don’t get terrified of taking damage, he can be a real fixture in the lane. But, it takes work. Nailing his Railgun, knowing how and why an arc mine SHOULDN’T be used in a certain situation, these are all things that take time with the character. A lot of people, just don’t want to put IN that kind of time. they want results, and they figure they’ll smash their own face into a brick wall to get them…and we all know what it gets them. :slight_smile:

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You want to quit based on the character choices of ither players? For all you know they could be really good with that character, maybe better than you, there’s no way to know that and no way to know what characters the opposing team will pick. They could pick all top-tier characters but not be very good, have no co-ordination or an ineffective composition, or they could pick some of the characters you mentioned here but be better than you and your team.

Thanks for putting up your PSN though, Deande’s my favourite character and not to toot my own horn but I’m a very good Deande player. She can sneak behind enemy lines and eliminate that low health enemy who thinks they’re safe, she can chase with her secondary attack and she can set up kills with her ult. If I’m ever matched against you, I’ll pick Deande every time and if you quit I’ll know to quit every time I see you from then on.

pvp requires team effort, so don’t be surprised if you get destroyed by a full team (healer, support, attacker, etc.) it is inevitable that the other team will have an advantage.

My prime issue is how in each class the disparity within and between them is staggering.

Whiskey is just ■■■■■■ over by hitting his stride at level 6. He just needs it so he hits it at level 5 at least.

Toby’s issue is well… It’s a lot and covered in many places in the Toby forums and honestly he’ll need some borderlien rework levels of changes.

A friend of mine does very well as Toby, and he doesn’t play games all that often. He beats me half the time, and I play way more than he does.

It’s just a matter of learning the character. You can’t expect to play to perfection the first time you use a character.

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by design, i think it is the intent for some characters to be at a higher tier than others. the balance in battleborn isnt perfect, but it is pretty dang impressive now for a first go at pvp for gbx. i pretty much only play two characters competitively, but i have seen some very good players doing very well in their respective roles on just about every character but whiskey at high levels. some characters seem to have more counters than other characters due to either their movement mechanics or size.

that being said, there are still a few outlyers that need some attention, mainly galilea. and this is based on her mutations and lvl 3 alone. she essentially null and voids every assassin in the game in an equally skilled match, and for whatever reason can tank nearly as much as montana, prior to him getting his ult. i assume she will be getting a rework very soon

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At first I wondered why you said Caldarius. Then I saw you play on PS4. I can see why people think Caldarius sucks when using a controller. Can’t take full advantage of his mobility and aggressive hit and run play style.

Back when the nerfs on her began, GBX stated that they would eventually rework her kit. I’d expect her to be one of the 24 attended to next week, and heavily.
I’m also anticipating El Dragon to see some changes, if Gali wasn’t the centre of attention I think he’d be more recognised as problematic. He has almost as much CC and DPS as Gali and his ult is as bad as, if not worse than, Rath’s.

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