All Eridian Writing Achievment bug

I used a youtube video to get all 30 eridian writing slabs but didnt get the achievment on xbox. Is there more than 30 and all the youtube videos are wrong?

On Sanctuary in Tannis’ medical bay there is an Eridian stone which fills up the more of them you find. I don’t know the number, but if you look closely at it, including the middle part, you should see if it’s fully lit or not.

its fully lit and ive clicked it already nothing happens

see if this helps you


still nothing no achievment

i got it thx guys just clicked the eridian slab tannis had over and over til it gave it to me

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Mine says “inspect” not “translate” any advice

the slab in tannis office says inspect for me also and i’m at 40/30 and have tried deleting my save and inspecting it over 100x and still no achievement. this needs to be fixed hopefully in a very soon patch.

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Okay… I had a similar problem. I visit all eridian writings on the planets and didn’t get the achievement.
So, I visit some eridian slabs again and notice that I can’t do anything with them. Expect! The eridian slab in Tannis office where I can “translate” it.(Important! When “translate” is not exchanged with “inspect” the game did not count it correctly. Restart the game and quickly go to tannis office)

Maybe you should check up if you get all the slabs correctly and I would recommand Mapgenie for checking all the slabs position.

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Simply spam ‘inspect’ on the Eridian stone in the medical bay on the Sanctuary and it will unlock, it at least did for me on the Xbox One X after it didn’t pop as I did the last one.