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finally coming back to battleborn after a long absence where I no longer had battleborn downloaded… Have now downloaded and updated completely but get a feature not available pop up trying to do anything on the game, I also have no command menu… Any assistance would be apreciated. Prologue is only option that works…

Pics wouod help

It sounds like you are on Xbox. When the update is ~90% complete the game will say ‘Ready to Play,’ but you will only be able to access the main menu until it finishes updating. Any story or versus mode will give you a ‘Feature not available’ notice, and Command will be missing.

I’ve been launching Battleborn on XB1 over and over throughout the day from 4PM ET and it still won’t update. Recently got a ‘Failed to authenticate with servers’ notice, but I see friends playing the game just fine. Came here to see possible solutions.


You have to complete the Prologue mission before doing anything else, INCLUDING even accessing the COMMAND menu. Absolute requirement.

IF you had a previous save, it’s unclear how it would interact with the game having been uninstalled/reinstalled. THAT might be a bug to report. If any previous save was deleted, then there’s your problem right there. It’s treating you as a straight-up new player.

But anyhow. Had you never ever ever played BB before at all, you’d be in the same pickle.

Posted pics

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On ps4 and download is completed along with all updates

I figured I had to do prologue again so had completed that before questioning it… I posted pics where you can see I’m still level 100 wanted to see if maybe I’m just stupid before filling out bug report…

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Yeah, now that you’ve said that and posted those images, I think you’ve either got the 90% thing someone else mentioned, or you’ve got a bug to report.

Clearly, though, NOT stoopit. Good luck getting it worked out!

Please submit a support ticket here:

I’m not sure why Xbox does that - no game I ever installed was ready to play when it said ‘Ready to Play’ - always have to wait until it’s 100% complete for it to work properly