All for one, but in particular, one for all

2 months into the game and as of today, I am Master of not only Montana :muscle:, but in addition
Alani :ocean:, Marquis :tophat:, Miko :mushroom: and Rath :cloud_tornado:

However, this post is not about how splendid I am, but about the strategy I’ve been employing since start: Becoming 5.

Because from now on, in PVP, I’ll be able to lean back, let the other 4 grab whichever char they prefer first, and yet there will at all times be a choice left where I’ll be able to carry my own weight and bring skilled enough completion to a team whether it’s to do with attack, support, healing … or building, for that matter.

It’s rather a liberating feeling - and this is the point of the post - quite the antidote to any rage quitting urges.


Yeah, I’ve been working on doing the same thing, not mastering multiple characters, since I have only mastered one and I rarely use them in pvp anymore, but having a stable of characters of different types I feel comfortable playing in PvP to help round out team comp.

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The characters that I feel comfortable bringing to a match currently are Ambra, Montana, Orendi, Whiskey Foxtrot and Caldarius. I am also working on improving with Alani, Miko, Kleese, Deande and a few others.

I’m competent with roughly half of the current cast and all of the characters are fairly easy to just pick up and play. Isn’t that the point of having 25-30 characters?

I have Monty, OM, Miko, Shayne and Aurox, and Boldur. I’d have Gal and WF if it weren’t for the lore requirements, but both of 'em are at level 15. I’m currently working on Alani and am getting pretty good with her.

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[quote=“Gulfwulf, post:5, topic:1539967, full:true”]I have Monty, OM, Miko, Shayne and Aurox, and Boldur. I’d have Gal and WF if it weren’t for the lore requirements, but both of 'em are at level 15.

I’ve only got Boldur, Mellka, and Alani (and the only reason I have Alani is because I colluded with a friend of mine to get on diff sides of a pub match and give each other the kills for the achieve) mastered atm. I have Galilea, Miko, and Thorn sitting at 15 with only their PvP lores remaining (Miko wouldn’t be too bad; Thorn and Gal are rough; for all 3, I just don’t like PvP). Kelvin is at 11 with all but the PvP lore done and he’s liable to continue lacking that lore until the change (I realize that it’s not a hard one, but, to reiterate, I am not a PvP aficionado).

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I’m pretty darn good as Thorn and Alani, I’m above average with Kleese and Gali, I am hard at work learning how to play Phoebe.

I really like this sentiment. It’s nice to know enough characters not to get upset when someone picks your favorite. :slight_smile:


I’m really hoping the changes to lore are retroactive because I have 3 confirmed Mike kills with Foxtrot and at least that many assists, if not more. Otherwise I’ll have to see if I can get the other two after the patch drops. I may have to do that “trick” with Gal and Alani sometime…

They are supposed to be. That’s part of the reason I imagine it is taking so long. They have to make sure they don’t break any progress that has already occurred.


I wish more people would choose this way. I always wait to choose until I know we at least have a Support and a Tank. I like to see someone choose high-DPS potential as well (Rath or Ghalt, for instance).

There’s nothing worse than picking too soon, only to see the rest of your team make terrible choices. I hate seeing Thorn, Marquis, and Benedict on my team…how do we work with that?

But as far as that goes, I don’t even like it when my team chooses Oscar Mike and Whiskey Foxtrot. Why do we need two of basically the same characters who can be countered the same way?


My preferred list right now is Alani, Boldur, Kelvin, and Orendi. I don’t play Kleese much anymore because he is such a huge target and it can be pretty frustrating at times.

I’m working on Ambra, who is probably a better fit for my play style, especially after the changes to Alani. I’m also working on revisiting Reyna, who I spent a fair bit of time with when the game released, but I’ve gotten better at a lot of things since then.

I have 0 mastered characters, but actively play all but 4 of them. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to be rocking a beautiful shade of pink or green every game.

I’ve never seen the point in all out gunning down the levels to reach 15. I’m in no hurry and I already got the legendaries. Except Benedict’s fck dat lore challenge.

If we’re simply talking about which characters I have mastered I’ve only mastered Ambra, Montana and Orendi so far. I haven’t been in any hurry to master all the characters as I will get there eventually.

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Nice job!

I occupy the flipside in that once I’ve mastered a character I tend to move on to others and rarely use my best toons in battle.

I can’t stand to waste the EXP gains on fully levelled toons XD

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I’ve gotten all the lore challenges done and have mastered Ghalt, Mellka, Reyna, Phoebe, Toby, Whiskey Foxtrot and Galilea. I was kind of upset that there was no title for getting all lore :confused:

This was always my intent, for the same reasons. I’ve mastered Deande, Thorn, Phoebe, Kleese and Mellka (In that order)

I occasionally play Kelvin and ISIC, but I suck playing tanks and I’m even worse at support (Bar Kleese, but I tend to run solo with Kleese) though I do play Alani when needed. Oh and assault Miko, you can never go wrong with Vyn’s Quiver and Symbiotoc Gauntlet on Miko x’D

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