All Gear Wiped?

So my little brother wanted to play Borderlands today but when he went to his character all his gear was gone, I went to give him some of my gear and it was gone too! I also can’t access my DLC anymore, is this a common problem and is there a fix?

I’ve not heard of this before. So I would think it’s not common…
But you do have the characters, the xp, the skill points and everything else? Seems so weird that only certain parts in the save files were affected.

It seems almost more likely to me that the game doesn’t properly read the saves then that the gear is actually gone.

Oh yeah have you been playing online? Apparently some guys made grenade mods that delete all gear everybody in the server has in their backpacks.

You could try verifying the game cache in steam and sending me a copy of your save to check if the stuff is actually gone.
And I assume you don’t see the fast-travel-locations when you go to the New-U station? In that case I would reinstall the entire game.

Sadly I’m on the Xbox 360, but I haven’t played online since I ran out of live and I’ve played after then so it’s not a modded gear problem.

This happened to my brother and I once, on xbox 360. Connecting to xbox live fixed it (gold membership not required), just connecting.

Something similar to this just happened to me. I was using some of my shift code keys and when I filled up the inventory I want to go sell. I ran back to the box to loot what I missed and switch my setup around and then noticed the brand new shiny rocket launcher and sniper were missing. Figured I sold the wrong ones and ran back to vendor to buy back, but the gear was not there. I freaked out and quit the game and came back in, but I guess it had already saved, so I lost all that stuff. I then proceeded to use more keys to try and replenish what i lost. Went to vendor to sell trash and as soon as I back out of screen, no gun was visible, just my hands. I lost everything equipped. They aren’t even on the vendor buyback screen.
I’m royally pissed now