All gemstone variants compiled

Does anyone know either themselves or know of a source of info which can tell me every gemstone weapon possible in the game? Want to get all of the emerald Dahl weapons when I get my maya to op8, but would like to know what that would include

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You could try checking Google to see if someone has created a Google doc or spreadsheet- AFAIK no one has done so here, but I’m not a Day One person either…

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Pretty sure any Purple weapon can be Gemstone excluding rocket launchers.

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Is this is what you’re looking for?


Yes, thank you so much


I thought I remember hearing that aquamarine snipers got fixed… Am I mistaken? Or is the list in the above link incomplete?

Fixed? Like neutered?

That list is certainly missing Maliwan snipers for some reason. I know for certain people have been finding them over on Item Finds of the Day.


They’re fixed and I got mine from ButtStalion.


They were bugged and couldn’t spawn in game.

I believe that there was an error in the scripting of the material… I said sparkle pony many thousands of eridium looking for them before it became a confirmed known issue.