All golden keys just vanished and I have zero keys

All of the Golden keys disappeared on my account. I was saving them All except the 1 I used by mistake but that’s not the issue I spent a lot of my Time that I can never get the Time back but back on subject I made sure that I entered all key and other redemption codes. I took a break from the gam but still stade well up to date with all the New codes and cofe for other rewards through social media and continued to redeam and use the new codes for keys skins echo skins etc and redeamed every one that was posted and once I loged back in yesterday on December 23rd I saw that all the keys I saved and never used were gone and it showed a zero balance 0f keys. I created a ticket online about this atrosity and I’m waiting for q reponce to fix this aswell as in-game compensation! Also I let the tickets rep that I logged into my account after the holidays special give away which ended on December 20th

Submit a ticket to gearbox. I had that happen before and they gave me all my keys back.

I did submit the issue to gearbox not any other server\game tech issue site this is how I got mine back. It takes a bit of time, but they will get back to you

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Thank you for your advice but I won’t see any results from them till after the 2nd I was told by gearbox support bc of the holidays

ALL My golden keys and All Bank items all skins emotes and everything I. This change station and 2 Respec points are all gone so pretty much everything I ever got from enemies and ■■■■ codes and all items from such rewards are gone at first I noticed that my keys were all gone so I checked other places and found out that everything I ever had earned redeamed and was awarded are all gone and I mean everything was gone

I also went to the 2k site and sent this to them aswell

That sounds absolutely horrible

Yea they pretty much ■■■■■■ me

But All My legendaries in my Bank that was packed too the tip top and didn’t have any more slots I did upgrade my bank 3 times after the Bank was expanded and I had like 4-6 slot’s left to use