All HW1R Campaign Issues encountered by Stuart98

Corvettes forgot how to aim. Frigates are made of paper. Destroyers are made of cardboard. Fix cruisers and destroyers please.

Corvettes just allow themselves to be salvaged in mission 2.

Cap dynamic difficulty scaling to 5 frigates in mission 3, any more and it becomes very difficult to salvage all 6 cryo trays.
Capturing additional frigates does nothing, they don’t get captured and are instead retired.

Turanic carrier doesn’t attack.
Ion Arrays have no DPS. A single ion frigate was able to kill 3 of them while being fired upon by them.

Cap destroyers in mission 5 to 3. With the debalanced destroyers 4 is very difficult to deal with.
Taii carrier launches oodles of fighters and frigates upon being captured.
Taii carrier cannot be retired.
Some ships randomly change to your team colors, others retain their old colors. Only affects ships in this mission from what I saw.
Capturing objectives still gives them the marker and while for you it will show as completed in the objectives screen the enemy carrier will keep launching ships if collectors are captured.

Oh, the ship AI in Diamond Shoals is terribad… Fix it!
Also, one of my collectors somehow died. Didn’t catch exactly what happened, but it happened and it shouldn’t happen.

Swarmers so weak increase damage and numbers pl0x.

Kadeshi are a joke. Massively increase mothership HP and number of kadeshi swarmers launched as well as multi-beam frigates.
Khar-Toba shouldn’t be visible until it’s within vision range.
When you zoom in on the Khar-Toba and get a line the line’s be butchered. Originally it was “It’s the Khar-Toba. Metallurgy and structural composition of the ship are an identical match to the Khar-Toba wreckage on Kharak. Our origins are the same.” instead it’s now “It’s the Khar-Toba. In fact, metallurgy and structural composition of the ship are an identical match to the Khar-Toba wreckage on Kharak”, which destroys completely the meaning of the line.

Disable dynamic difficulty scaling on mission 9, having 28 assault frigates is ridonkulous.

Multi-beam frigates need slightly longer range, they hover just out of their weapon range most of the time which makes them slightly useless.

The fleet that initially attacks you in mission 12 had cloak gens and some ions/destroyers originally if I recall correctly? Doesn’t now. Fix.
There were several carriers throughout the map originally, now none are there.

Junkyard dawg latched onto one of my frigates… and stayed latched onto it but not moving until he died.
Ions need to be more accurate against stationary junkyard dawg.
Frigate that junkyard dawg was latched onto couldn’t do a thing for the rest of the level but worked fine come mission 14.
Could we please be able to alt-focus on all of the wrecks?

Mission 15 asteroid needs a massive HP buff, goes down in 20 seconds. Also increase the size of the escort fleet. I remember when I first played the mission in HW1 I didn’t end up destroying the asteroid until half a second before impact, which felt awesome and like the mission was supposed to feel.

Mission 16 has issues.

Mothership goes down way to fast. My mothership health plummeted down to about 30% in 20 seconds at the start of the mission until I took down the destroyers and the cruiser.
Originally there were five fleets that attacked you; the frigates at the very start, the cap ships and frigates that hyperspaced in right in front of you just after the start; the ones that hyperspace in way above you afterwards, the HC and frigs that hyperspace in below you, and the fleet that hyperspaces in right in front of you (if you don’t know that this is coming this will be while you’re killing the fleet below you and makes the hyperspacing of elson’s fleet a real moment of desperation and salvation that practically makes the mission). In HW1R this lattermost fleet, arguably the most important, is absent. Elson hyperspaces in when the first frigate from the bottom fleet arrives, when there is no real threat, and he immediately runs off with his ions to die to the buffed HC. You can’t even catch him before he dies.
Frigates run ahead of HCs, which makes the fights a good deal easier than they should be.
There should be some gas clouds above you that the enemy carrier retreats to; these are absent for some reason.


I’m having issues with mission 14. Most of the time after destroying all segments of the hyperspace inhibitor, the game fails to acknowledge its destruction and the mission cannot be completed as the objective won’t fulfill.

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That objective actually doesn’t count; all that matters is destroying the inhibitor.

Um, yes it does because otherwise the game doesn’t trigger giving the player the ability to hyperspace and end the mission. The hyperspace inhibitor is destroyed, and I’m stuck here on the same mission unable to progress to the next mission, all I can do is sweep the entire map of taiidan ships.

I’ve destroyed it again and again on multiple saves - after its destruction, the game is still showing the hyperspace inhibitor indicator in the sensors manager.

EDIT: I think I’ve figured out the confusion. You think I’m referring to the hyperspace gates that reinforcements come through - I’m talking about the hyperspace inhibitor/field generator (the big segments rotating in a circle).

Oh lol I’m a durp.

Odd. Did you skip the cutscene for it? That may be the problem.

I don’t understand this part. HW2 is set 100 years after the HW1. Doesn’t it seem feasible they changed ship classes/functions in that time?

I’m talking about HW1 mission 13, not HW2 mission 8.

Oh sorry. What’s the continuity issue though? Are you saying HW1 Kushan never had support frigates at all?

It’s a derelict Kushan Support frigate in the Karos Graveyard, left there thousands of years before the Kushan began their journey from Kharak. And yet it looks nearly identical to the current and independently developed model, which makes no sense at all.

But it’s meant to be an easter egg. Plus nobody said it was as old as the Progenitor wreckage. Anyway, I agree with most of your points, I only wanted to understand that one, not debate it.

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The support frigate was an easter egg. In Classic, it was a one-for-one of the support frigate’s concept art (before the shape of the Kushan frigate bridge structure was changed). Several concept Kushan corvettes can also be found within the junkyard. The derelict carriers and cruisers are also based on rejected concept art for Kushan ships- Relic repurposed a great many concepts and early models as derelicts and debris. There are more concept ships to be found in the homeworld.big under the “derelicts” heading: light, heavy, multigun, minelayer, repair, and salvage (has a gun!) corvettes, assault, ion cannon, and drone frigates (which do not have an associated drone file), a resource controller (but no harvester), and three different versions of the Khar-Toba and her sister transports. Most of these are fully functional ships. They have enhanced self-healing and very high health so they can’t be destroyed, and lack docking points for salvage corvettes. There are also a few other easter eggs, like the lifeboat from Alien (which also appears in a Cataclysm cutscene).

Unrelated: I just ran Mission 9 last night. It spawned 40 assault frigates for me. Holy balls. I wonder why it doesn’t scale the other ships as well? Although… I’m kinda glad it didn’t. If it had scaled those at the same ratio as the assault frigates, I’d have been facing around 20 MBFs, five or six IAFs, and multiple missile destroyers. I’m also kinda surprised I managed to take the field down before all of my strike craft were wiped out. I credit that to the enemies going after my corvettes first and only killing about half of my 70 bombers.

The majority of the issues I covered here still have yet to be fixed.

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Actually quite a few of these have been addressed in one way or another in the official Gearbox multiplayer mod (Testbed for the upcoming patch). Have you given it a try yet? I know the changes in the patch are going to be applied to the single player campaigns as well form what I last heard. I believe that’s part of why it’s taking so long.

Impressive necro though!

That said, just going through the first few points you made, Yesterday I started replying HW1:R (Got to the supernova mission) and quite a few of your points have already been fixed.


Cleaned a few points out that I think are no longer valid.

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Most of these issues are related to the fact that they used HW2 style of balance for the campaign which was an awful idea, killing the meaning of the campaign.

I doubt they will ever going to be fixed anyway.

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I don’t know if these are bugs, glitches, or simply gameplay functions:

First, for some reasons [unknown reasons until I figured them out], upon entering Mission-3 ‘Return to Kharak’ for a first time [just bought the RM-editions 1 week ago], instead of facing maximum 6 attacking frigates against cryo trays [like what it used to be], I’m facing a horde of 20 Taiidan Assault Frigates, making short work on cryo trays EVEN before I’ve got the chance to even glance at them.

Second, upon receiving Drone Frigate tech and began building them, some of these drones won’t simply disappear! They keep alive even when I told them to ‘head back’ to where they belong in the frigate’s belly, but they won’t, generally cluttering the whole game until the end of hyperspace cut-scene, and once in a new world, they are treated as ‘Other’ in the Parade formation, as if I’ve salvaged them!
[of course, having known how to handle 'Homeworld 2’s LUA savegame configurations, I’ve been able to ‘remove’ them, externally]

Third, upon entering Mission-9 ‘Sea of Lost Souls’, instead of facing the usual 4-7 Taiidan Assault Frigates, some Turanic and Kadeshi’s ships, and a single Missile Destroyer being controlled by the Ghost Ship, I’m facing against a horde 48 Assault Frigates in a Capital Phalanx formation, making short work against fighters and corvettes which were supposed to ‘redeem’ the situations.

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