All items from vault are gone

I had like 15x legendary saved in my santuary vault, and all they are gone, noting happaned, I mean I han no crash, nothing…just playing normally and when I wanted to save another items I see my vault its empty. OMG… how its this possible I lose very nice legendary what kind of bug/glitch is this ¿

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I too lost all my items. I logged into my account on my brothers Xbox, we loaded the game up to check each others class/items out. Today I loaded up on mine and went into my stash, BAM its all GONE!!! WHAT THE HECK…Lvl 44 at the moment, near the end, kept all the mission reward items and had about 20 legendary ones saved in there… GONE…GONE…All that progress of items and finding the legendary ones… GONE…

They ever reply to you about the issue?

The forum is full of players with this problem, many have lost up to two or three times the bank’s items, but the developers have not yet mentioned anything about it

Seems like it happens on all platforms. They really need to fix this.

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