All locations found all missions complete.... No trophies

Can’t seem to unlock those two trophies despite having all locations found and all missions complete. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone else find a work around?

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Same problem

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Got the same problem. 223 locations discovered but the thousand names for sand on Pandora trophy doesn’t pop #lasttrophytoplat


It would be great if they could at least address some of these issues specifically!

I had the same issue I ended up following a location guide and revisited locations getting them to pop up before moving on.
For me it turned out that I didn’t have Logan’s Spar (which is a rock wall) in the Splinterlands.

No. I literally have ALL 223 locations found. It’s not a missing location. It’s that the trophy is bugged for some reason.

Yeah I had the same issue, all locations, no trophy. I did as I said and discovered Logan’s Spar and got the location

I have already discovered Logan’s Spar… As I said… I have all the locations. Logan’s Spar is one of them. But, again, just to prove your point, I went there. Nothing.

Like I said I too had all locations, 223/223 but no trophy. I used a guide and revisited locations getting them to pop up. My point wasn’t that Logan’s Spar is the missing location (it was for me) but rather that the display is glitched and there is in fact locations you haven’t discovered but you are being told in game that you have discovered them.
So you can either wait for a fix or follow a guide like this

and revisit locations getting the “now entering” to pop up until you find the one that you are missing.

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I have already done this. I have been to all locations. Not sure how many other ways I can say it.

I get what you’re saying the game says that you have every location 223/223 and 78/78 locations on Pandora yes?

No. I have re gone to ALL damn locations. I have run through every stage and every map. I have done what you are suggesting and it isn’t the issue. It’s the same as my missions being done but no achieve.

Then you’re probably going to have to do the locations again on another character or play-through. I can only try to tell you what fixed the issue for me.
As for the missions that’s another issue I’ve had which turned out that I was missing 2 missions that suddenly appeared out of no where on Sanctuary. The mission counter was obviously bugged too because 1 mission increased my count by 3. Your best bet with this one is to find a mission list online and check for any missing ones.

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… done all locations on two characters in both playthroughs. Done all missions on two characters on two playthroughs. Already done everything ai can on my end. Waiting for Gearbox now.

I’ve got the trophy for the locations but it says i’m missing 1 quest on devils razor to do but ive done them all, all thats there is the dynasty dash which ive done multiple times. Hope it gets fixed soon.