All my Bffs wording question

Fl4k can share 50 percent of their health regeneration. Is he sharing half the percentage, or is he sharing half the final number? I read it one way and a friend read the ability a different way. I believe if he has 10 percent max health per second regen and he has 1000 hp then he will be sharing (1000x.1)/2 = 50 hp per second to all teammates? The other way would just give 5 percent hp per second to whatever their health total was.

I’ve been wondering the same. I think it’s a percentage of a percentage though - so if Beastmaster is getting 10% max hp/s then allies are getting x% of that 10%.

Also I’m wondering if it applies to all health regeneration. Like, I have a shield that gives me 5% max HP/s when full. Does that also count toward the pool from All my BFFs? And what about picking up health packs, does that count as health regen?

There are so many questions

Havent had a chance to test it, but I think All of my BFFS benefits from Health Per second. I’m hoping it just gives a number and not half the percentage because fl4k can boost hist health pool considerably and theres a shield that can boost another 35 percent