All my Items are up for trade! [The Pre-sequel]

Now to start off just because they are up for trade doesn’t mean I’ll just give them away as some of these I’ve spent hours and hours trying to get. Now if you want to offer me a trade just shoot me a pm rather than posting since I’ll be more frequent to check those. I would want rare heads or items in return, I do care about prefixes so not just any version would interest me. I’ll try to help people out since I don’t use a majority of these… but I won’t be just handing them out.

Another way to reach me is message me on Xbox my gamertag is Ferocious.

-Tumtum Skullmasher
-Barking Magma
-Longnail (Fire)
-Skookum Muckamuck (Glitched)
-Investment Omni-Cannon

-Absolute Zero
-Stimulating Longest Yard (Shock)
-Niveous Longest Yard (Cyro)
-Laser Disker

-Rightsizing Fatale
-All-In Cheat Code (Shock)
-Consummate Hellfire
-Stopping Torrent (Ice)
-Stopping Torrent (Shock)
-Stoic Torrent
-Hefty IVF

-Dastardly Maggie
-Double Penetrating 88 Fragnum
-Dastardly Luck Cannon
-Proletarian Revolution (Cyro, Shock, Fire)

-Fabled Tortoise
-Black Hole
-Prismatic Bulwark (95%)
-The Cradle
-Bigg Thumppr
-Shooting Star
-Sham (94%)

-Practicable Viral Marketer
-Rustler’s Striker
-Sledge’s Shotty (none elemental, Fire)
-Rustler’s Flayer

-Lobbed Stormfront
-Lobbed Four Seasons
-Homing Fire Bee
-Longbow Quasar
-Meganade (Shock, Fire, Explosive)

-dum pa Nukem
-Kwik-Change Badaboom (all elements)
-Clever Thingy
-Victorious Mongol
-Kaneda’s Laser

Oz Kits
-Meteroric Ack Ack
-Moonlight Saga
-Voltaic Oxidizer
-Voltaic Relay

Assault Rifles
-Severe Shredifier
-Nasty KerBoom
-Attack Major Tom
Severe Fusillade (Shock, Fire,)

EDIT: I forgot to mention everything is level 70.