All my modificators in chaos mode are the easy ones

Hello Gearbox.

I have a little problem with borderlands 3. I began to play in chaos 10 since a few day (I bought the game 1 month ago) and I saw early that all my modificators in the chaos menu are the easy ones. No medium, hard or very hard settings, just the easy.
I don’t know since when it do that, if it is a bug or a cheat in multiplayer mode. It makes the game easier and it ruins a little my experience of the game.
I try to change the setting with the square button but all settings stay on the easy ones. Are you aware of that problem?

This is an event that is currently going on, it will be back to normal next thursday.

Edit: Borderlands 3 Hotfix [08/27/2020]

I feel a little stupid :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer and sorry for the poor english (i’m french). The game is great and I enjoy it (don’t make it too easy^^).

No problem. You could also try to quickly hit start, if your fast enough this should make it so the Hotfix isn‘t loaded yet although be advised that this will also disable any buffs&bug fixes from the last hotfixes too.

If it doesn‘t bother you too much I would just wait it out : )