All my stuff in my bank is gone

So I log into my game today. I get an error about my game data being corrupt. Ok whatever. Redo the game data. I go to check my bank to swap out weapons and all my stuff is gone from my bank. Even all the upgrades. It says 0/20 when I had my bank all the way up to 140. I had over a 100 legendaries in my bank. Most were max level. All gone. Does anyone know how to get my stuff back? This is completely disheartening. I lost a lot of good hard to find weapons and stuff.

OMG!!! Even my rank is reset to 1. I have 26 in enforcer, 29 in survivor, and 28 in hunter on Zane. But I’m rank one. I just spent a point in survivor and still rank 1. I seriously don’t wanna play this game anymore omg…

Would be good to mention what platform are you on. The bank and Guardian ranks are stored in seperate save file (profile). If you have a backup of that save you can restore it, if not then probably no one can help you.

If you have not played in a while, you have not sen the effects of the various hotfixes and patches that have been released and some things have changed.

Firstly, make sure you are online, allow time at the menu screen for the “Hotfixes Applied” sign to appear.

Load your game, a recent patch turned off guardian ranks by default and in this state you cannot earn guardian ranks so make sure this is switched on.

As to the bank contents, I have no suggestions just now.

A support ticket to 2k is the first step and I too lost my bank due to GBX issues in the first few days on release so I know the feeling, sorry.
If you ARE on PC, I’d suggest that you DISABLE Cloud Saves inside the Epic launcher.

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I don’t know about other platforms, as I’m on PC.


  1. Get this fixed with a ticket to GB.
  2. After you get it fixed, backup your save files. You shouldn’t have to, but it’s not a bad idea if you can, so you can independently fix this, or you can backup an older save if GB can’t help you .

Best wishes to you.