All My Titles Are Locked :(

Been really struggling with the servers this weekend.

Went into a game, got kicked, went back into the game and all my Ambra mutations were gone.

Now I’m struggling to get into my command, but when I do, I only have 29 titles to choose from, when I should have about 300!

Also most of my gear is gone.

Anyone else have this problem?

Did it get fixed by closing the app and relaunching the game?

Nope sadly not :frowning:

Note to self: DO NOT LAUNCH BB.

I’d have heart attack if all my gear went missing (and titles).

I’ll wait till they get their ■■■■ together and fix the plethora of issues popping up this weekend.

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Yeah I’ve been struggling to do much on there.


In game all my loadouts are there so I don’t know why it doesn’t show up on my gear page.

Too bad it’s 100% not funny, haha! Now I’m scared to log into my game, too, yet I’ve been looking forward to it all week! NOOOOO!

Sadly not haha

I don’t know why it’s not working but alas it is not :stuck_out_tongue:

Let us know how this turns out. I’m curious as to how issues like this are resolved.

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Severs are definitely acting up ATM. I have been kicked from at least 5 games today and this rarely happens to me. Fortunately all my titles are still there though so IDK what happened concerning yours. :frowning: Either way, I hope they all re-unlock for you.

UPDATE: Just logged in and all my titles are back along with all my gear. Seems to be fine for me now.