All named locations trophy glitches!

Recently completed borderlands 3 so went for all the trophies but all the named locations trophy seems to have glitched. I have 223/223 locations but no trophy, now everytime I go to any area it says discovered like I just found it so I tried going round again but keeps saying the same when I go back to places I done again so seems like a weird glitch as it clearly shows I have them all. Is there a way to fix this or anyone know what happened? I don’t really want to do all locations for a 3rd time so if anyone can be much appreciated.

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Estamos en las mismas tampoco me saltaron los trofeos todo fue desde la ultima actualizacion del dia viernes despues de eso no se que paso

I got them trophies it’s the other 1 for every location

Have you discovered Jason Waterfalls on Eden-6?

Yes I used a guide looked online and double checked every 1 of them disn’t find amy thing where some one else had this problem. It used to say now entering in the areas before latest patch but now they all say discovered as soon as I leave an area then go back even though my stats clearly say I have them all

I have the same problem man, hoping for a fix, but probs not coming. Waited for half a year to play bug/glitchfree, or so I hoped…

I’m in the same boat as well. Things were working just fine before the latest patch on Thursday, April 23rd but now everywhere you go it says “area discovered” instead of “now entering”. Do not go back to Sanctuary at any point as it will reset all of your progress again. I have all locations discovered but until they release a patch, you’ll have to go to every area all over again and make sure you don’t travel back to Sanctuary at any point or quit the game. This really…really…really sucks for us trophy hunters

Are you serious about the Sanctuary part, does that reset it again? That sucks more than it did already…

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Same for me. I needed the trophies for Promethea and Eden 6 as I had all locations, but no trophy. I noticed that some locations, not all, would give me the area discovered. So I ran through each planet and checked off each location and those trophies popped. I still need the all locations one and still sitting at 223. So it appears as others have said to run through each location on one playthrough without quitting the game. This is extremely tedious especially when you have already done. I am going to try this tonight to see if it works. Put in a ticket to Gearbox a few days ago regarding this, no update. Hope this gets patched!

Has anyone heard anything about this? Is there a fix or patch coming soon? I also put a ticket in and all I’ve heard is crickets. It’s discouraging to see a company break their own game with a patch on April 23rd and expect trophy hunters to get all locations in 1 play through. They keep releasing hot fixes that have nothing to do with the locations glitches. My hope is that they patch it, and rather than make us go around to all places all over again, see and recognize that we’ve been everywhere and all the location trophies pop at once. They do that, they are back in my good graces.

Me mandaron un correo y no hay solucion , su unica solicion es esa volver a descubrir todas las areas es una basura eso enserio yo de mi parte no lo hare y da coraje no te den el platino por esas pendejadas de mi parte pierden a un cliente que ha platinado toda la saga borderlands

Sorry mate…can’t read that.

My two buddies and I attempted to do this in 1 go last weekend, making sure to avoid Sanctuary. We were 3 and a half hours into it and our host got the Blue Screen error. Needless to say, it reset all of our progress. They need to fix this issue immediately!


Desperately want this to be fixed… I have all locations discovered but no trophies for discovering all of the locations on any of the planets. It’s annoyed me so much that I’ve just stopped playing the game for now.

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It is the same for me. But I’ve slowly lost hope that Gearbox will ever fix this problem, because it has been around for a long time. There is the possibility that you have to do all the places in one game, without saving or going back to the Sanctuary. But this takes hours and since it is known that the Game crashes, you can never be sure that it will work and in the end you only waste time.


The June 11th patch does not address this issue like I hoped it would. Too busy giving us new content (new event, weapon balance issues, blah blah blah) instead of fixing their broken game with their location trophies.


I am playing the game on my PS5.

I got the same issue as you, guys!

I am really disappointed that even the company does not care about its’ fans. The problem has been in the game for more than 8 months, and no updates to solve it?

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