All New Girly Talk Thread - Tech free edition!

Because reasons!! Also, I never feel like I can keep up with all the technological talk stuffs that often occurs in the rtt, so i’ll dump my nonsense here without interrupting everyone else :smile:

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Given the history of the other Girly thread, I do not anticipate successfully avoiding tech talk. Luck though.

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No tech talk? Well, considering I’m doing IT it won’t take long before I break that one rule.

Tech free edition? That makes my feels sad :frowning:

Is this the thread where all the girls are topless?

Well, considering I can never keep up with tech talk because I am technologically ■■■■■■■■… I wanted somewhere where I can at least still take part in conversations and not feel left behind!

That is all.

Oh, and I saved a kitty from my roof today…

At first I thought kitty took a trip to 'Strallia and got stuck on your roof

Who knows? Maybe it actually happend?

Allright, I’ll try to keep the tech-talk to a minimum.

On that note, would it be possible for this engine to merge 2 posts like VB does when you make 2 in a short timeframe?

Ive yet to see this happen, so I am going to say no it doesnt have that function.

Because this thread needs some Mordy…

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You can never go wrong with Mordi.

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I didn’t think I wanted to talk about tech until you told me I couldn’t talk about tech, now I feel like I NEED to. :wink:

Testing, testing, one two three…

This is Vycksta, by the way. I’ll have to see about getting the name changed to that from my fourteen-year-old e-mail account name!

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we need a hot girls thread on this board

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Psh, we have Kitty and Monty. We’re all good.

If Psy Si ever comes back to us as well then that’s a bonus!

I think that would be something different from this thread entirely.

In random girly public service announcements… I noticed Target has some cool nerd-ish tees right now that have the classic retro look. I don’t like to buy guys tees but don’t like the women’s stuff that’s all pinked up so much, so exciting for me!

(Found this one online, but the store I was at had Thor and Marvel and a different Star Wars too.)

I know, right? I know less than most people on these boards but now I want to be running around screaming about monitors and such.