All of my Badass points got deleted!

All of my Badass points got deleted when I transferred my character from X-box 360 to my X-box one. It says I have already unlocked the Badass points but it doesn’t give me the ranks. It also deleted my golden keys, heads, and skins. Is there any way I can get them back?

unfortunately Gold keys don’t transfer over, Heads and skins should be in the New-you station, if not then the same as below.

Badass Points, now on transfer that should transfer over, however you will have to re-apply all the tokens. If that’s not it, one thing I did hear was that if you started a new toon and entered into a new game before transferring your 360 saves over that can mess up the BAR rank.

To fix that either contact Gearbox support or delete the game completely off XB 1 and re-download it


All my bad ass rank was reset to zero! I had to play w/o authentication a few times because Shift would NOT authenticate, i mean i waited 15 minutes. So i guess thats my punishment for gearboxs slow process. Hey when I fire my xbox up i am ready to play not sit at the title screen all day.
. I have been playing gearbox titles since 2011, Boderlands 1. I will NOT buy nor play a another Gearbox title. I have NEVER recieved anything from gearbox, not even a single key. Sure I get messages telling me i got something, but been unable to obtain single reward. I try to link my gamertag, it tells me my account belongs to someone else–impossible!
. I have submitted i support ticket and recieved a canned response telling my problem was fixed by a previous update, implying that I am lying about the whole thing. Gearbox is worse than 343 now. Thanx for nothing.

I’ve never seen it be that slow - 15 seconds tops. Either you were trying to sign in during a major network or service interruption, or something else was very wrong.

Also just so you know, your BAR stats, heads, skins, and golden keys are all saved locally on your console in a file tied to your XBL profile; none of that information is stored by GBX on their servers. Whether you’re signed in to SHiFT or not only affects your ability to redeem codes and see what codes you’d redeemed previously.

Loss of BAR stats, heads, skins, etc. typically happens when that file gets corrupted, which can occur if there’s a power drop, or you power-off or force-quit the game while the file is being saved.

Did you reply to that notification telling them that you still had the problem?

Have you tried signing in to directly?

If there’s an XBL account already associated with your SHiFT account, you should see something like this:

If you see that, have you tried unlinking and then relinking your XBL account? If so, does the system let you do that?

I am unable to link my account with Shift. It says my platform ID is with another account.

Gearbox is ignoring my problem. I have NEVER been rewarded from Gearbox, not even a single gold key. I have been playing their games since 2011. I was OK with it until they decided to take from me. I EARNED that rank, I got 15 characters with a bad ass rank of 0 now!! I want my ■■■■ restored!

In fact my gamertag gets rewards all the time, but I cant claim them, because i CANT link my account. When i try to link it tells my account is associate with another platform ID. NO ONE ELSE USES MY GAMERTAG EVER!!! Never in the history of being me has any other man, woman, or child ever played a single second on my account!!!

OK - by platform ID I assume you mean your XBL profile/GT?

A few questions:

  • Do you have more than one profile on your XB1? Is it possible that you were signed in to a different profile the first time you tried to connect your game to your SHiFT account?

  • Have you changed your Gamer Tag at any time since you first played Borderlands 2? I don’t know how the system handles such things - you might want to ask that specific question of the support folks if it applies in your case.

  • Have you switched physical console since you started playing BL2? If so, what happened to the old one?

Do you remember whether you were able to redeem SHiFT codes in BL2 successfully before you lost your BAR stats etc.?

One possibility I can think of is that the information linking your SHiFT and XBL accounts might be saved in the same file as your BAR etc., and the information got corrupted. I don’t know how the system works but, again, this is a specific question you can ask the support folks.

I’m going to ping the GBX community manager @MereAtGBX here - maybe she can ask soneone to look from the other end to see if there’s anything that might be causing this issue.

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My Shift account is linked to a old hotmail account i dont use–actually i dont use email or social media. My GT is now link to my hotmail account.

I have NEVER redeemed a single item from Gearbox. I am cool with that as long as they dont take from me. Bad ass rank was MINE, they took what i earned. UNACCEPTABLE!

Even now after 4 support tickets i am still dealing with no bad ass rank. Tired of being ignored. Weekend totaly ruined, thanx Gearbox. Now I shall restore my bad ass rank myself. Shame i got to do it like this. I shall make dummy account and give dummy 70 million. Then i will have to make 180 characters and trade the 70 million from dummy to the 180 characters individually, then back to dummy. Thanx for nothing gearbox. Make sure i dont get reset again or woe to you.

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