All Platforms: Tournaments this weekend!

If you haven’t yet heard, HGL hosts tourneys every weekend, on every platform!

This weekend, the 5v5’s are incursion (last week was meltdown), with ps4 and xbox on saturday, pc on sunday.
If 3v3 capture is more your flavour, pc is on saturday, and ps4 and xbox on sunday! :slight_smile:

There’s an exclusive skin just for participating, and on ps4 tomorrow i saw we already have 1 team and 6 free agents signed up! :slight_smile:

Sign up here:

Join the HGL Discord here:



I’m signed up and my brother is signed up also. Want to team up with us?

I won’t be off work til like 830 pacific time… :.(

what are the rules? You should post them anytime you are setting up a tournament on the thread you promote it from.

Not seeing PC tourneys via that link. I might be chronically enfeebled though. All I can find is PS4,

PC 3v3 today:[pc]-3v3-community-cup/581df556c2daa74203bf715d/info

PC 5v5 tomorrow:

Rules added to op, from the bfy page.

@BaconianOne Sorry, dfabian, I want to try to be as free agent as possible after last weeks team. It was fun being a part of a team, but i want to be in the random pool with the others! :slight_smile: We might still get teamed up! :smiley:

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Times of the tournaments?

y’all gotta click on the link, srsly, all the info is there XD

3pm est

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pretty sure the xbox one ain’t happening

The HGL discord link is expired.

Man I’d like to join but I really don’t want to play in a tournament enviro without my mic :joy:

the one on my op should be permanent.

Did this happen? Any broadcast mode vids?

Webbard has some from the previous weekend. :stuck_out_tongue: None this weekend :,(