All "Play / Win As Faction" Titles Achieved!

Well, only 27 titles left.

But this is a pretty cool Milestone!

250 matches times 5 Factions - 1250 matches right there.

Plus the “win 100 games” as a member of each faction.

I might actually focus on PVE this week to grind out those last few grindy lore challenges / pass the few story missions I still have to do on Advanced / Hardcore to get my Platinum trophy.


Nice work @FlamesForAll

You beat me to it!

I still have about 18 Jennerit matches to go until I join you :slight_smile:

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Thank you, sir!

I never thought I’d be ahead of you in any titles!

Now I get “Papa Shotgun” and “Hobo Remover”!

1 more win as my man Marquis, 3 more wins as my G-man Ghalt!


“Hobo Remover” achieved!

Meanwhile, I continue to go deep Eldrid. I noticed yesterday that, judged by the trophy system, I’ve only completed 63% of the game…


The trophy system is the only true objective measurement of skill.

I guess you suck.

Sorry Eden.


First blood as Ghalt achieved AND a victory so I only need 2 more for papa shotgun!

We should have our trophy percentages displayed instead of command ranks. Best idea or best idea?



Great idea!

(1 more Ghalt victory to go…)

Bastard. :dukegoof:

I have them all but Heliophage because I don’t really like playing Jennerit outside of Ambra and I don’t play her often. That might change with the last of the BB coming out, but we’ll see. And, no, I don’t have any information on them yet. :dukesad: