All ranged meta is back

Well, it seems now that more and more games are all ranged vs all ranged. There are minutes long stand offs of just 10 people shooting each other constantly. Kinda lame honestly.

I wish that was true, because that hasn’t been my experience. Bear in mind it’s anecdotal evidence on both our parts, but all i ever see is teams with Pendles, Deande, Phoebe in that order, usually together.

Watch Skelion’s casting of the PC HGL tournament. Melee is indeed still meta.

(Here’s the link btw

Moreover, CC is meta. An All-Melee team without CC will probably lose to a ranged team without CC, all things even. It’s the CC that allow for picks, dive disruptions, ult cancels, and peels. Coincidentally, all the CC is lumped onto the melee characters, and is why characters like Galilea, Boldur, and Kelvin are such incredible picks/bans.


I should clarify: im talking about pub q, incursion. Obviously this will be different with organized teams/strategies.

I think a major part of the problem is that melee needs plenty of healing. And the other team has a Trix. I’d ban Trix for precisely this reason… but people are only q’ing for quick. I havent been able to find anyone to pkay draft mode since the first two days it was released.

Are you drafting solo or in a 5 man?

Easy for ranged characters to focus fire targets, without needing coordination, you can just see who is shooting at who and join in. So mass ranged is usually better for PUBS

As Shane I just Fetch/splattered Ghalt, was that ranged enough?

Solo, two, and up to five, just depending on what random friends are playing. I think the stump is right, all ranged is much easier for newer/public.

Incursion needs coordination. Even solo queued experienced random players can coordinate. This fact might come as a shock to the OP.

In a group of experienced solo queue’d incursion people, “all ranged” (lol at the term since there are so many different types of ranged categories) is definitely not the meta.

I mean sure, you can maybe pub stomp a bunch of CR 20 randoms in quick match - but you can pub stomp them with any comp.

BTW, Whiskety Foxtroy, OM, marquis, toby, ernest is the new meta combo on incursion. Tell your friends!

For draft, anything less than a five man and the queue is dead. At least on PS4. No one really solo queues there or even anything less than five mans



I have yet to see a single time where Boldur and Kevin get banned. All I play now is versus draft.

Two things I dislike the most when I am on an amateur team.

1- Everyone picks ranged characters to play defensively most of the time (specially in the beginning).

2- Everyone is shooting at the air and not supporting my push

I gotta agree with OP, sometimes i feel like im the last melee player alive lmao