All right after 20 years how this guy invincible, video to prove it on ps4

How the heck there no hit damage on the dude.

20 years?

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The guy has de-synced/disconnected thats why. Its a common thing, he will eventually time out and then his avatar will disappear.

First i gatta ask how did you upload your ps4 video proof

Second i’d like to allow you to know at ease soldier this is due to a new glitch with some type of gear piece that now more and more people are exploiting. I personally also reported to GBX and they let me know this is the problem… i just hope they fix it soon. Im not touching the game until they do.

decide use my youtube account i never use , since tired of this stuff also i will give you guys more un trim version of it . and will notice at the end he still there and he now in the battle. i heard him move , and a person near me is reason stop firing reason i moved . out the fight of the game from a headset sounds. on ps4.

You can upload on youtube on ps4. and trim and stuff. just been lazy on doing it. here he pretty in the game entire time full video so can see he still there . and fighting at the end . sucks

Am I the only one who noticed that caldarius is in the “safe zone”…?
You CAN’T damage him in this edge, and he can’t damage you.


In Capture thats his safety zone not to spawn trap them in outback