All Seasonal Events to be this... Annoying?

I just realized that, if all the other seasonal events follow the same format, including having enemies like ghosts, then it’ll just be the same issues over again. Bloody Harvest will end, and all the ghosts will disappear… just to be replaced by ■■■■■■■ snowmen or some ■■■■. And we still won’t have a way to turn off the event.


probably not, because they have learned from this one

I REALLY hope so. Otherwise, we’re probably going to get a bunch of cryo affects from seasonal enemies even in the campaign… hey, maybe that’ll be the time for a Zane buff!

shrug idk, but we gotta put our trust in the dev team, otherwise, nothing will happen

You’re right, I’ve been arguing for more constructive criticism. I just worry that they’ll think a different season will mean different opinions of season themed enemies being injected into the regular game.

i mean, I personally like it being intregated into the main game, so I can complete the event while collecting items for other things, rather than having to farm in a specific zone just to go to another specific zone for a boss fight

That is true, it’s convenient for those that want to do them, but there should be a way to turn it off too for those that don’t want to. I’m wondering if there’s some issue with them implementing such a thing though.

possibly, I wont like though…if all you had to do to get haunt was go to athenas and traunt was replaced with haunt when you got the 25 goos

I just mean for a way to somehow decline the mission, not integrate haunt into the campaign or the normal game.

I look forward to them saying they have, but they haven’t yet. I have hope, but after the repeated missteps in communication, I’ll only believe it when I see it.

perhaps, maybe like you said where you have to accept the mission first, and then it all happens

But the problems is what if I accept it, but want to stop?

I’m hoping that the Xmas event has reindeer spawning after every kill, leaping, bounding, and flying at me. And the rudolf ones blind you with their bright noses for 20 seconds.
And the new loot annointed is blindness, but only works for Amara.


I don’t know if they’d go out of their way to admit their mistake, sadly. They’ve said they have fixed things, but have made no statements to acknowledge mistakes. This may be because they know the backlash they’ll receive from the toxic members of the community.

With you on this, there are so many repeated mistakes from BL2 to BL3 and from Battleborn… how did they not learn from previous games? Doubt they will learn from Bloody harvest and more then likely the next holiday event is already heavily under development so doubt they will change much by then…

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Though I have no first hand experience… I’ve seen a few times people talking about how previous games had the same irritations with seasonal events. So yeah, I expect them to be just the same, forced to participate… Though a switch near the mayhem machine would be nice… Just turn the event on or off… But I suspect that would also create problems with loot tables and such? I don’t know, speculating.

They need to make events fun and not feel like a annoying chore that does nothing but frustrates.

The only way to prevent this, I think, is for the community to be vocal about it, but not put them off by being condescending. We want them to feel we’re on their side, or they’ll assume it’s just some grouo entitled, pretentious gamers complaining.

Yeah. And snowmen that freeze you into the ground. Permanently.

Maybe have some little elves teleporting around, removing weapons from your inventory…