All ships in a more readable and usable JSON format

There seems to be a lot of confusion about ships real stats and a lot of misinformation thrown around.
There is no good site with the stats either. Not even for HW2 from ages ago…

I wrote a parser that parses all the ships and weapons into a more readable and usable JSON format.
Maybe I’ll make a webapp with it later so it’s easier to look stuff up than using ctrl+f, and getting a DPS output and stuff. Dunno.

Anyway, ships:

I left out a lot of variables and such that I didn’t think were necessary. So there aren’t the things like sway variables, scar ones, etc. I just kept in the ones that affected their combat performance. Didn’t bother parsing the CanAttack much as well.

I only included the Taiidan, Kushan, Hiigaran, and Vaygr ships for size. The parser will parse any of them, even ones from mods, so long as you have the big extracted.

Just, using node.js, npm install parse-homeworld-rm
It’ll output jsonOutput.js in that directory.


Nice!!! Good Work

And now i see why HW1 assault frigate sucks so bad, they control+c control+v the flak frigate :frowning:


Hm? The flak frigate is actually good, at least with the double damage bug it has.
You do actually have to take same numbers with a grain of salt because a double damage bug effects many of them.
I believe the double damage happens when there is no damage value actually set for something, and it defaults to double. That seems to be consistent on everything that’s confirmed to do double damage, but I could be completely off.

Assaults don’t have splash like them, though. And their accuracy sucks.

Oh and I actually updated the module on npm to fix penetration and accuracy values not parsing. I’m going to update the pastes in a little bit. But yeah, you’ll see the HW1 assaults are just like 13.7% accuracy vs corvettes or something. So on average, it takes like over 20 seconds for one assault frig to kill a vette.

Weapons paste has been updated to correctly show the damage multipliers and accuracy.

The flak is a anti fighter, the assault is anti corvette and anti capital, the flak is upgradable, the assault is not, the flak can use all the firepower to any direction, the assault uses all the firepower only ahead, the flak uses burst rounds, the assault uses regular rounds and plasma bomb
See you can’t copy and paste such different ships, the result will be bad, as we all know it.

Hm. I think it says vs fighter and corvettes on another part of the game. Heh.
It actually is quite good against fighters.

64.8 average damage per shot every 2 seconds. It’s 78% to fighters which are armored, but that’s still enough to 1shot the HW2 fighters.
It’s a 13.7% chance to hit fighters, but there’s 4 guns so it’s really more like a 50% chance to oneshot every 2 seconds. That’s not bad at all.
Though keep in mind that’s base hit rate. I think it may be lower against fast moving fighters.
From what I’ve seen in game they seem decent enough against fighters to me. It’s corvs that they’re ridiculously bad against, and they are far too weak against frigates and caps than they should be.
Not that they should be as good as ions, but they should be decent.

They should not be good against fighters, they should be good against corvettes and capital ships, and they also should have a very good armor and be though, that is the assault frigate from hw1

Haha, well tons of either feel wrong and/or are greatly underpowered.

The research tree and the building queue of hw1 doesn’t have room for a flak frigate with assault frigate texture, they need to do a rework in that ship.

Well sure. They need to rework or adjust almost all the HW1 ships, though. So it’s a bit of a moot point just that the assault frigate needs that done.

I wouldn’t mind seeing both an accuracy and an AI improvement on the assault frig. That thing is too good vs fighters and horible vs vets. Even well trapped vets elude the drunk gunners mates on those things.

The AI also pisses me off. You can tell one to attack a well locked vet and it will shoot at if facing away instead of turning all guns to bare. Guess the skippers had too much rum also. I mean, I’m all for moving while engaging, but I exspect at least a fundemental level of traing from my assault frig captains that say “hey, maybe if I turn and face my target I can aim more of me guns at it”

Yeah. It needs double the accuracy vs vettes but half vs fighters.

The not facing and using bombs on vettes is easily fixed as well, but it’s also of note that the assault frigates bombs are really bad in HWRM. Even if they did use them on vettes and they hit, they’re super bad.

But again, it’s one of many things. Heh.

The HW1 assault frigate always sucked, because it was a solution in search of a problem. It can kill corvettes, but so can a support frigate. Against fighters it’s useless, and against other capital ships, ion beam frigates outclass it.

Build support frigates instead. Have them heal your ion Frigates and strike craft. You almost never fight corvettes anyways except early on (before you have capital ships) and late-game (when you have destroyers and cruisers)

Supports frigates killing corvettes? No way, support frigates weapons are so weak that you can even forget about them.

Assault Frigates were the overall bully from HW1, no they did not sucked, they were great to add hull&firepower to your fleet, and if you skipp the AF to do only ions in classic you would be completly destroyed, it was a terrible mistake.

And corvettes were very present in hw1, huge supported walls with heavy vettes used to eat frigates alive.

And cruisers in hw1 were really, really rare.

I thought it was the same gun, except two of them and no fusion bomb launcher?

It is not, i only saw support guns being used in HW1 in one sittuation, a grav well getting the enemy swarm stuck and the player not having anything else, but even in this case it is more likely a desperate move, like shot “anything”, with almost 0 effectiveness:

If anything that video only demonstrated how awesome ion frigates and support frigates are. An formation of ions frigates will absolutely murder an equivalent number of assault frigates. And the support frigate’s healing beam is the second most exploitable gameplay mechanic after salvage corvette spam.

Try stealing all the ion array frigates in the great wasteland 1, having all 8 of them makes the next mission a cake walk. You don’t even have to build any capital ships of your own other than possibly a support frigate or two, as long as you have enough strike craft to keep the enemy fighters away. The intimidating looking frigate formations pretty much evaporate. Although that’s partly due to the fact the enemy does not seem to know how to coordinate it’s attacks or focus fire.

Rarely ever saw salvage vettes in HW1 MP. Assault frigs were more maneuverable than ion frigs. We called them ass frigs because that’s were they shot you :slight_smile: toe to toe the ion would win over the assault, but well managed the assault beat the ion due to its speed and better fire cone.

Watching that kind of makes me sad. Was a great demonstration of how valuable every unit was in HW1, how intense battles could be even at really small scales, and how you don’t give up until it’s over.

The end also makes me miss the scuttle blast radius. :cry:


The thing that made salvage frigs could was having support frigs behind them healing them. They weren’t good by themselves.

Support frigs aren’t nearly as good now, and they won’t use their guns now when attacking. They have to “lock” instead of using a beam, and that healing beam is like 10x weaker.

Not that all these things are necessarily bad, since yes they were a bit broken in HW1 along with a few other things.

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