All skill points lost

Was in proving grounds not long ago and realized all of a sudden gameplay was different, like harder, less grenade amount, less shield, etc. I checked my skill tree and none of my skills were active and it says I have 0 skill points. I attempted to respec and all that did was take my $, I have no skills and no points to put into skills. Anyone else have this issue? I am a level 50 gunner.

I have the same bug on my siren let me know if you manage to fix it

I have the same issue. Level 50 Zane now have zero skill points in any tree. Still have my 82 guardian rank though and the skill augmentations are checked like they are active. I opened a support ticket and was basically told they are working on a fix so in the meantime I take that as a reason to start a Fl4k character like I had planned to eventually. Heck of a bummer though. I noticed my clone and drone were expiring very quick and no kill skills. So much for mayhem 3 I guess smh. Oh and I lost all of my fast travels too so I have been running back to each to reunlock them but frustrated now that I can’t find a way to skywell-27 since no map seems to lead to it manually.