All the Battleborn, aside from Galilea, step into the ring for a fight. Who comes out alive?

I say aside from Gali because she has everything. No, not this is not a balance discussion over Gali. Just don’t mention her. At all. Til the third round, anyways.

Back to the prompt, who wins?

Round 1: Free-for-All
Round 2: Friendships Duos
Round 3: Faction Battles (Galilea allowed)

Lemme specify on Round 2:

Miko and Kelvin
Rath and Caldarius
Foxtrot and Deande
Mike and Montana
Ghalt and Reyna (Feel free to contest this one, maybe Kleese instead of Reyna)
Boldur and Thorn
Alani and… Pendles?
Beatrix and… Attikus? Because thrall?
Phoebe and Marquis
ISIC and Kid Ultra. Yes, because ISIC wants KU to become a friendly little murder machine, check the lore.
Benedict and Ernest, as Ernest trained him. I think.
Some will be left out, like Dragon.

And let’s add a Round Four: The rivals have to work with eachother! Like Benny and Toby, for instance!

Based on lore? ISIC
Based on in-game stats? Boldur
Round 1.

You didnt list any “friendship duos” for round 2 so i dont know whos fighting, theres 30 battleborn.

Round 3.
Eldrid would win most likely, 2 best supports, easy stuns, and ICE WALL


Rath/Phoebe? Boldur/Kelvin? Attikus/any support?


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I mean like the lore friendly duos of characters. Miko and Kelvin, Mike and Montana, even Shayne + Orendi

In that case then obviously it would be WF/Deande. Nothing can overcome true love.

  1. Orendi - 28 Pillars from Pillarstorm = gg :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Oscar and Montana - Bro’s defeat all!

  3. Eldrid or UPR - Eldrid have the best all round: 2 strong Tanks, 2 strong healers and 2 strong dps.
    UPR - pure damage and guns (apart from Gali)

  1. Good thinking.
  2. You are now tempting me to ban Pillarstorm. However…
  3. …the other Battleborn will probably be able to get out of that. Once they see the pillars form around their enemies, they’ll realize they need to run as well. Also they’ll probably like smell it or something even if they can’t see it, so they should be able to dodge it. That begs the question, what does Shadowfire smell like?

Nu-uh, once the others hear that cackle that’s game over :joy:

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Wouldn’t Ambra, Marquis, WF and Orendi just be able to reveal him though?

Assuming he’s close enough. Pretty sure there would be an angle where he can dodge reveals and wait till it’s over. Plus those characters would probably be killed early on.


Perhaps make it so that Pendles can only be revealed for a three or five-second duration?

Pendles can just hide until everyone is dead, then assassinate the last one standing, which would be El Dragon obvisously.

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Fixed it for you

Fixed dat for you

Boldur fight armies alone with just his axe and shield


ISIC litterally ripped el dragones arms off, and he was the best wrestler (close quarter combat) in the league. For ■■■■■ and giggles.

He single handedly took over the entire base at the algorithm, and nearly destroyed the universe by himself.
I dont think I got that one wrong.

Well, I think “single handedly” is a bit off, since ISIC hacked into Minion-Robotics production line & all the robots that were present there. So he had a whole army + Goeff to do small stuff and may already used this robo-army to take over Ocoban.

As long as he has a robot army to hack, ISIC could win easily. Only bound onto his current platform (probably incapable of intruding & hacking other systems) I doubt so.


This means nothing to a sustained with a caliber like Rath.

Dude was an elite bodyguard for the Jennerit Empress. On top of being a master bladesmith and swordmaster and having WAY more CQC experience than El dragon.

Dude even made Caldarius wrist blade for him.

AI vs Old Mind
I’m betting on the robot with a shield.

You know rath can easily cut through shields right?

Edit: IIRC Ambra can create or launch actual meteors so she would be above Rath (not talking that thing you call an ult)

None of them, because Toby warned the others that he took Berg’s self destruct sequence, and built his gear loadout entirely around skill damage. The others didn’t listen, because they thought he was too cute, and so Berg exploded with enough force to level half of Nova.

The moral? Always listen to talking penguins who tell you that their mech is rigged to explode.