All The Best Eden-6 Loot The Universe Farm Locations | Borderlands 3 Guide

Heya Buddies, just wanted to post this guide on where the best places to farm for the new loot the universe event on Eden-6.

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Floodmoor Basin:(Pistols and Class Mods) Fast Travel to Floodmoor Basin - Drop Pod and go directly north to the Typhon Dead Drop that is next to the ammo dump and shield vending machine, there you will find a COV camp. There is a large supply of enemies that spawn there and is quick to get too.

The Anvil:(SMGs) This one is the easiest because as soon as you Fast Travel in you just go forward and you’ll see tons of enemies spawning with plenty of badasses.

Jakobs Estate:(Assault Rifles and Shields) Funnily enough this one is straightforward as well, just spawn in and head straight forward to the houses in front of you. All around there will be enemies spawning out the doors and there is a good amount of badasses that spawn there.

Voracious Canopy:(Snipers) Where you want to go is kinda hard to describe in words so here’s a picture: Voracious Canopy - Album on Imgur. This is inside the big space ship where you find a waterfall inside. When there you will see tons of gorgs spawn and since there is so many so close to a respawn station you can save quit farm here really easily for tons of legendaries. I seen people recommend farming the Jabbermogwai since on cyro hit he duplicates but the dedicated loot table makes it so that most drops will be the Magnificent making the farm kinda useless compared to others.

The Ambermire:(Shotguns and Grenade Mods) You’ll want to fast travel directly to The Ambermire - Roque’s Hollow and immediately jump out the window and start heading to the big crane northwest. Just in case you don’t know where that is here’s a picture: Ambermire - Imgur. Once there you will find tons of enemies around the area, badass and anointed alike. After you kill some enemies there will even be a drop ship that drops more enemies for us to kill, how nice!

Blackbarrel Cellars:(Heavy Weapons and Artifacts) Instead of fast traveling to the Blackbarrel Cellars you are going to want to instead fast travel to The Floating Tomb where graveward spawns and turn around to the bridge to exit into the Blackbarrel Cellars. After Loading in, get off the bridge and immediately head left inside the house, inside the house you will a decent cluster of enemies including badasses that spawn all around the same time allowing you to kill them all really quickly. also you can head to the right of the bridge instead to face lots of animals to get loot that way as well. If you take the normal way by fasting traveling to Blackbarrel Cellars you will have to travel a lot longer and have to deal with Aurellia that has 3 Immunity phases and that’s no fun.

Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :). If you know of another farm spot feel free to share for the community.

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.


You mean the Typhon Log, not the Dead Drop, I assume. The drop is totally north, not anywhere near a camp.

Apart from that, this is really cool advice. Thanks.

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Floodmoor Basin - if you ride the log lift thing to the heavy defended prison camp, theres a spawn point hidden in a pipe that activates - this area is small, has many annointed in it and with the bloody harvest event you can shoot the red skulls here. A nice heavy defended area with many badass’es.

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finding places with jabbers is interesting because thieves jabbers spawn frquently and they drop event loot.