All The Best Nekrotafeyo Loot The Universe Farm Locations | Borderlands 3 Guide

Heya Buddies, just wanted to post this guide on where the best places to farm for the new loot the universe event on Nekrotafeyo.

Click Here for Video Showcase:

Desolation’s Edge:(Heavy Weapons and Class Mods) There are two fast travel locations, Desolation’s Edge Drop Pod & Desolations Edge, fast travel to the NON Drop Pod one which is Typhon DeLeon’s Camp and travel directly south to the maliwan camp. Picture for reference: Once you are there you will notice lots of badasses and clusters of enemies because of the way maliwan troops are being dropped off via drop pods making it very easy to kill enemies. If you are Looking for Heavy Weapons I would recommend using the trial down below but otherwise this is the only place to get class mods so you are free to lower your mayhem level if needed. (This will make the drop chance less but the enemies easier)

Tazendeer Ruins:(Assault Rifles and Artifacts) Right in the middle of the map in between a radio tower & Target of Opportunity: there is going to be a big maliwan camp that has lots of badasses all in a big area. Out of all non trial areas, this area has some of the best enemy spawn rate. You want to stay in the center until you notice there is no more enemies spawning and start heading to the bridge that leads to the Target of Opportunity. That bridge has more enemies compared to the bridge on the opposite side and has a named enemy if you wish to farm him. Keep in mind, named enemies muddy up the loot table so its possible you will get the same drop over and over because of how dedicated loot tables work. Because of this I recommend save quitting right before getting to the named enemies for optimal Artifact / Assault Rifles farming. Once again you are free to lower your mayhem level if needed since artifacts don’t have mayhem levels.

The Pyre of Stars:(SMGs) This one is very straightforward since the only way to traverse the map is to go down one path so basically just go down the path and kill enemies. You can save quit farm around the bandit spawns if you’d like but running the entire area can be less painful for console players due to load times.

(All the Trials are pretty much the same, whereas you need to kill enemies to eventually get to a boss so the strategy to farm them are all the same. Because of this I will be listing the type of enemies you will encounter in these so you can change your build if needed.)

If you need to know how to unlock each trial follow the instructions on this video starting at the 6:10 timestamp:

Ghostlight Beacon [Trial of Cunning]:(Pistols) Types of enemies that spawn here are going to be bandits while the final boss will be just one big flesh health pool. This means you can go all in on fire weapons.

Gradient of Dawn [Trial of Survival]:(Shotguns) Types of enemies that spawn here are going to be Animals while the final boss will be a skag with a random elemental immunity. Because of this you will need to have a build that can do multiple types of elemental damage or have multiple elements for your weapons, or just get really lucky and not have to worry about swapping your best weapon due to immunity.

Precipice Anchor [Trial of Discipline]:(SMGs and Grenades) Types of enemies that spawn here are going to be Maliwan while the final boss will be a big robot with a large Armored health bar. For the most amount of damage go for a corrosive or radiation element or you can just melt the boss with fire despite elemental resistance like how I do.

The Hall Obsidian [Trial of Supremacy]:(Assault Rifles) Types of enemies that spawn here are going to be Maliwan & Guardians while the final boss will be a flying guardian with a shield health pool. If you have a Re-volter this is just cake, otherwise shock is your best bet for the entire place.

The Skydrowned Pulpit [Trial of Fervor]:(Snipers and Shields) Types of enemies that spawn here are going to be bandits while the final boss will be a mix of Armored & Flesh health pools. This is one of the more tankier boss fights but otherwise its really easy. I personally just used fire but you can of course use a corrosive element as well.

Wayward Tether [Trial of Instinct]:(Heavy Weapons) Types of enemies that spawn here are going to be Animals while the final boss will be a giant Grog Dinosaur with a large Flesh Health Pool. Once again fire element & you are good.

Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :). If you know of another farm spot feel free to share for the community.

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.


And once again the disappointment in base game loot has catered to the folks that only have base game. Gearbox really should consider us people that buy every DLC. Where is my opportunity to get loot? Base game, 4 weeks straight, count me out.

Ah mate I hear ya loud and clear and would really dig DLC drops with something like LTU and the schlooter.

We have revelled in the chance to upgrade coms, artifacts and a few odd guns like boom sickles and super shreds.

My real disappointment is that Amara’s Driver doesn’t drop along with a few other base game items.