All The Best Pandora Loot The Universe Farm Locations | Borderlands 3 Guide

Heya buddies, I noticed there wasn’t a guide where the best places to farm for the new loot the universe event so I wanted to post something real quick to help everyone.

Video Showcase:

The Droughts:(Class mods & SMGs) Where you save the Sun Smasher War Chief (-go sun smashers-) Vaughn Straight ahead from the regular fast travel station (NOT The Droughts-Highway). There is a decent amount of enemies in a relatively small area & you can save quit spawn right next to it.

Ascension Bluff:(Snipers) Pathway to Mouthpiece & Repeat. (Remember to get Ellie’s quest in sanctuary to unlock the area again if the gate is blocked)

Devil’s Razor:(Assault Rifles & Grenades) The Sin-a-Plex, This one is kinda hard to describe with words to find but its the red arrow on this map: Incredible enemy spawn rate & Save quit station right outside

The Splinterlands:(Pistols) Fast Travel to the “Chop Shop” and head north Where The Big - D spawns. Only part of the map where enemies are condensed and spawn quickly

Carnivora:(Assault Rifles & Shields) Do the beginning area and save and exit before you get to the big open circle that leads to the Guts of Carnivora.

Guts of Carnivora:(Launchers) Another simple one since its small, Just do the entire pathway to The Agonizer 9000 and repeat. I like to stay around the beginning and just keep save quitting there but if you play console that is not optimal

Konrad’s Hold:(SMGs) What I like to do it spawn into the slaughter shaft and exit to the Konrad Map from there. Once you are there, there will be tons of Varkids outside and inside the building to your left & you could head to the right and jump down for more varkids. Incredible spawn rate & easy enemies to kill.

Catherdal of the Twin Gods:(Artifacts and Shotguns) Beginning & repeat since they are a decent cluster of enemies there, if on console run the whole area since loading times are long.

Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :). If you know of another farm spot feel free to share for the community

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.


Catherdal of the Twin Gods:

Artifacts here. Also for fellow last-gen console players such as myself, you can switch between M10/11 (assuming you have tolerable rolls) and the enemies respawn (at least in Cathedral and The Droughts, did not try in other areas). This is faster than save quitting. I used a shlooter with cartels active and found quite a few nice new artifacts, although I have no idea if it would have been the same or comparable without.


Cathedral of the Twin Gods:

As Rhetorical said, Artifacts here. This is also where shotguns drop.

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Thank you both, updated the list. I knew about them dropping there but I guess I never put it on here haha

Shlooter does help with the dedicated pieces of loot that drops in each area, like in the droughts you will get more of class mods and SMGs with the shlooter equipped so it definitely helps

Shaft included?

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Shaft is not affected by this event

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you can switch between M10/11 and the enemies respawn

Apologies, this is not entirely true - they are still subject to the same respawn timer as always, however given the slightly slower clearing time brought about from a combination of wearing a shlooter, dealing with additional cartel enemies, and checking the drops, that enough time had passed when I switched. I realized this today in the cathedral since I had found the hellwalkers I wanted and thus spent less time looking at things. Did not realize this in the moment as I was high on ice breaker victory rushes and cutpurse launch pads

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Oh okay, I appreciate you coming back and correcting yourself. I was gonna suggest people to do this instead of save and quitting so thanks for saving my hide for the next video lol

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My favorite place to farm for COMs in the Droughts right now is Mincemeat’s camp, not too far from the Highway fast travel station. Mincemeat and his two skag buddies will drop a lot of stuff each run (with the shlooter on at least.) I don’t think they’ll be there unless you’ve done the skag dog side mission though.

Edit: oh, I haven’t tried Lavender Crawley yet, who is essentially a bunch of named enemies rolled into one who each drop a bunch of stuff when you kill them.

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so is it specific loot that drops or just a specific kind that drops in these locations?

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It’s types that drop. my non-Shlooter Cathedral run had TONS of artifacts & shotguns (many forms of Deathless, Last Stands & Ottos). The subsequent runs had less.

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i see. just ran around and saw a lot of same loot drop in these areas. only picked up one item, but only cause it had a strong health regen than i previously have seen

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