All the folks missing HW1 mechanics should look at this mod:

Mod for Homeworld Remastered:

Notable changes, as noted in this quote(emphasis are mine):

All ballistic weapon systems replaced with missiles that have no turning ability that simulate projectiles with little to no increase in hardware stress.

-Strike craft now perform evasive maneuvers

Squadrons break up into groups never less than two

Kushan and Taiidan corvettes now use a modified circle strafe attack style. Special thanks to Giggily for allowing us to use his work.

-Kadesh Multi-beam frigates will now rotate while firing as seen in Homeworld Classic. Thank you again Giggily.


Developer: Koopak
Co-Developer: MechWarrior001

Contributer: Giggily

I felt this might be of interest to folks here. This said, while the mechanics for weapons and ships maneuvers now emulate those of Homeworld 1, it does need to be noted that ship balance is very much still HW2(very powerful capital ships and all afaik).

This said, if someone couple this with a HW1-style rebalance, I believe this could lead to most interest results in multiplayer skirmish. I for one believes that even HW2 races would benefit to being rebalance to Homeworld 1 gameplay balance rather than the other way around.

In my eyes, anyway, I like to think of mods like this as a way to show that not everything is doom and gloom about this Remastered edition.

(also, before I forget. Thank you Gearbox for making this Remastered edition of the game. Thanks to you folks I can not only see HW1’ ships remastered to modern day graphics, but finally complete the collection by finally being able to legally get access to Homeworld 1 without hassle so that the game can finally join my Homeworld Cataclysm and Homeworld 2 CDs).


Im a hw1 vet, won’t deny that vets used to think like that, but I’m actually trying out mods now, seeking out for gameplay and balanced fixes, I will try this one when I get on my pc

sounds like u would be the exception in that case. Well i hope others move past their bias about mods cause sounds like it they want their gameplay style this would fit it, not sure how to go about getting support frigates working right other than a regen field which heals all frigates etc all at once. WOnder if that could stack.

Were not all neckbeards about mods you know :laughing: Especially when they start to make the game play more like it used to rather than less.

Some people were taking about negative damage done by support to get the heal effect, sounds like a good alternative.

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Neckbeards?!? You make that sound like a bad thing!

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Discussion on the mod can be found on the Relicnews Homeworld Remastered mod forum can be found here:

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Please, we’re here to talk about the game, not other players.

Posts removed, back on topic, now.

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Yes, the guys working on this are doing some great work! watch this mod! There is allot of vary interesting things that are going on and more to come.
Check out the link above, The use of “effectively” missiles as “rockets” with projectile fxs to simulate ballistics works well and even under massive battles has little effect on CPU use. Network trials are being done.

Naysayers spend your time doing rather then complaining.

The only problem I have with this:

Is that it seems to me, we are therefore telling the developers,“We are unhappy with your decisions, we dislike the way the game plays, but instead of wanting you to do your job, we will do it for you and attempt to fix your broken game.”

However, that is my personal opinion.


A small developer team can never ever compete with the thousands of modders spending hundreds of times their possible man hours on modding a game. That’s kinda the point of modding and why they are supporting it so hard. Go look at the developer/modder collaboration in the modding section. Heck the modders are helping them with issues they are running into working on the engine to make the game even more modding friendly.

Considering HW2 survived IMHO purely because of its mods, it’s a good move on their part. They know what’s up.


I was thinking about this the other day and I wonder how many there actually are ? I mean “Thousands” seems like a hell of a big number doesn’t it ?
How many mods were actually produced for HW2 in the last 12 years. I’m sure there was quite a lot but nothing like you would expect from such a huge number of modders as you suggest.

@ForceUser I’ve seen it crop up in other threads as well and you just got me pondering.


Kind of sad that a few unpaid people can make HW1R feel like it should and a whole development team that’s paid can’t achieve such such a feat.


Well if you look at the last say 10years. Think about the amount of manhours that went into PDS, Complex, Warlords mod, star trek, star gate, mass effect, etc, etc. Each model containing up to dozens of manhours, texturing, kitbashing. Now think about the the coding that went into scripts, the hours testing and retesting by players and modders each mod building on the other sharing work between them…

I’m pretty sure thats just scratching the surface of just HW2 modding. Now try and wrap your head around a game like skyrim. If I started listing 6 figure manhours I have a sinking feeling I’m still vastly underestimating it. (That’s for a single project like the morrowind revival thingy)

Until you figure that most of their time went into making it even possible for those few unpaid people to do that in the first place. You could have had a game like HW1 where the engine was actively hostile to modders.

i spent 7 yrs alone on HWU and that was while i was not working a job, so many hours every day went into it.


I don’t dispute the community of modding at large could number in the Thousands. Its the reference that Homeworld alone has access to a community that large, Is what I’m wondering at.

There could be 10 thousand modders out there but its hardly relavent to the conversation if only a small percentage are interested in modding homeworld.

Is it not more likely that there is a much smaller kernel of hard core modders who devote a ridiculous amount of their free time to bring us all such great toys ?

Like LeviathanWrath

That’s frankly phenomenal in terms of dedication.

@LeviathansWrath. as some one decidedly on the inside here, how many active Homeworld modders do you think there are Hundreds ? a lot more ? perhaps less ?. can you give us any insight ?

there werent many active ones for homeworld 2, kinda died down, i remember pouk, mikali, mololu, siber, moleman, shadowgaz, bunch of others but not hundreds of modders i would place it under 50.


Gearbox did a sterling job setting the groundwork for a solid modding community, but the way you’ve phrased that. Its like you think they made it a priority over getting the game to be as good as possible to the wider gameplaying public that cant be the case…can it ?

Frankly Gearbox should be handing out high fives to you lot for keeping the momentum going within the Homeworld community. I’m blanching at the thought of the combined manhours you and the others most have accrued over the last 10 years :open_mouth:

You think for all that you’d at least get your face on the side of a ship or something :smile: