All the nurfs are making the game too easy

Me and my buddy have been playing for a while. We’re currently going thru TVHM at level 50 and the game is way to easy. They keep accommodating all the bitches who cry about things being hard. The game being hard is what makes it fun. So we’re just melting everything cuz they aren’t thinking about the people who enjoy it being hard.

let’s wait for UVHM, then judge if they picked soft or hard scaling.



I’m just saying, we just did the Billy the anointed fight and he got melted in about 5 seconds.

I’m about level 25, and I’m getting my ass kicked.

I’m finding it way harder than BL1 and BL2.

Okay, I’ll bite.

-> Did you gear before the loot nerf?
-> Are you playing on Mayhem 2 or below?

If your answer is yes, then - sure. But either you geared too fast and need to wait for more content, or are not actually playing on the hardest mode.

For masochists.

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What nerfs? They’ve only nerfed several mini-bosses.

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he said nurfs