All these hotfixes and patches and zane is still TRASH, seriously?


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clearly they are anti irish! this will not be tolerated!.. oh look moze

I didn’t realize how truly bad he was until I got FL4K, even with nerfs, to level 50… Using purple and green weapons I melted things 10 times quicker than a ridiculously geared up Zane

Yeah, I just saw a video about how many Zane skills aren’t working as intended. It’s crazy that there are more than 10 skills that don’t do what the skill tree says they do. And that is on top of the fact that he is weaker than the other vault hunters even if you spec him into his best possible build.

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I go into some match making thinking I have a great build right, then 3 mozes pop up with the survival of God himself and I feel like a ant, and even in solo he struggles inzanely!

He looks so cool though man, let’s just be honest!

i see what you did there and im slightly ashamed

I’m still trying to work out what he’s supposed to be.
Fl4k can be a crit based boss slayer.
Moze mob slayer/explosions expert.
The siren is a melee tank.
Zane has mostly kill skills… well I think I now have a mule character.

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Digi clone could use a buff, but Zane is not trash.

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Just think, THEY NERFED ZANE BEFORE RELEASE! Let that sink in lol I think they just entirely broke him in that nerf and are now struggling to find a way to pick up Zanes poor broken Irish pieces :’(

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I think he’s awesome, but with the right build and gear … for example, just a decent Hex grenade mod makes this build sooooo much fun … take a look …

My Zane Build

soooooooooo the most broken (please dont fix it) grenade in game can fix a broken character?

It was an example … it works well with other nades too.

Very annoying that zane has a whole playstyled made bull by annointed. Whose bright idea was it to make them COMPLETELY immune to frost?

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Haven’t played Zane, so take this with a grain of eridium buuut it seems like Gbx should start the Zane balance by simply making his skills work as advertised(or work. Period.) before dolling out arbitrary number passes.

Edit: Please correct me if I’m wrong, as my information about his skills not functioning and/or not functioning as read is not first hand but I’ve heard it again and again from various resources.


Zane has amlost no damage increasing passives, that is his problem (beides skills not working)
They have to add passives to his skills that get doubled on kill.
Seein Red beeing the capstone of the hitman tree Was a Bad idea too. Made bossing basically impossible if you want to spec into undercover or doubled agent.

Maybe that’s why they are saying there will be no DLC playables. They want to spend all their time nerfing and buffing. Like there’s a guy at gearbox who’s only job is to nerf and buff. And he knows if he nerfs too much. There will need to be a buff later. Keeping Zane in the basement is his job security. Purely speculation ofc

All the hotfixes and patches solved alot of Zane’s underpowered skills and made them reasonable. Problem is, a class strength is NEVER defined by their average skills, but by their best. Salvador and Athena have a boat load of skills which suck or do next to nothing, but ultimately by Money Shot and Maelstrom they become the strongest classes in the franchise.

And the thing is Zane at his best just isn’t very strong. His strongest build is probably his Killskill one or Infinite Action, but both have at best 50% of the other 3 classes DPS output, and at worst much lower. But Gearbox sees no reason to buff the ‘strong’ Zane builds, well cos they don’t suck compared to the things they buffed like the clone and drone.

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i have conspiracy theory of my own, zane is just another difficulty modifier for people who find the game too easy on other characters.

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Useful post about his bugged (apparently not that bugged) skills - Zane hidden skill fix? Zane players plz response

Zane is not trash, so this post is pointless.

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