All these patches to fix mayhem...but honestly speaking the main focus should be on the FPS

Okay so hear me out.

I fully understand that people want the mayhem modes fixed I do. Late game is important and extremely fun. HOWEVER. The absolute grind through low FPS, game crashes, my game freezing,honestly just makes it an absolute mission to get there.

I love this game as much as the next fan. However everytime I play; and it crashes, I start not wanting to play anymore. I want to get to end game, to see why all of theses patches come out. But in the current state of the game I actually can’t… at least not without a few 30 crashes and running on 20 FPS.

So I ask Gearbox that one of these patches coming up addresses the real issues of the game. -The ability to run it. A ton of my friends have stopped playing due to the fact that with such inconsistent FPS we can’t play together. That cuts deep. I don’t want to stop playing, but it feels like the game at times it is unplayable.

Anyone else having the same problems…lemme know.

Sorry for the vent. I mean no disrespect to GEARBOX or anyone. I genuinely just miss being able to play this game with my mates… :pleading_face:

Check if your mayhem modifiers contain mob mentality. If so, remove the modifier. It fixed the screen freezes for me and many others.

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Also, just to check this off the list, is your Echocast Twitch extension turned off? I’m playing the game at 60-90 FPS pretty reliably (though G-Sync may be masking dips, but I don’t see values that low in the FPS counter).

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This a thing… now way, will give it a go and let you know !

I had this turned off the whole time…

So no “Mob Mentality” mayhem mod, but you had your PC crash with a screen freeze?

Is your computer set to Fast Boot? Sometimes that weird suspension that Windows does for this messes with the video/driver system. (I’m throwing some easy-to-check, low-hanging fruit here before you wind up in, “reinstall Windows or buy another computer” advice territory. :laughing:

A warm reboot should prove this out: if the game doesn’t get with it after this, it’s likely not the culprit.