All these timed items become worthless at next level update

As title.
Seeing as we have not yet reached level cap, all the items (Wedding invitation / Halloween weapons etc are already useless)

Any MH10 Cartel weapons will also be worthless as soon as the next (no doubt incremental) level raise happens.

Maybe these ‘events’ should have been a permanent fixture; but what do I know /s


Well you can toggle events in the tab in your ECHO so I’m assuming all events will be repeated annually.

Not the events themselves but the event maps and the loot. Just imagine if the Maliwan Raid would have been timed content or the headhunter packs back in BL2. The content is as great as the implementation is bad.


Yes, I meant the maps, not the event’s. They,the events, still could be activated yearly if need be.

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I guess that’s their way of rotating guns into meta. Some day when we won’t get new content anymore, they’ll be forever good once you get them.

A level 53 anointed Wedding Invitation was still a very good weapon up until this most recent update, it just wasn’t really talked about because you couldn’t farm it anymore and the buffed Krakatoa was even better. I’m pretty sure the Yellow Cake, OPQ and NoPewPew are still going to be plenty viable if the level cap is raised to 60 or 61.

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The new anoints will be going away as well once this event is over.

Hoping they do rerun these annually, or make them permanent and with an on/off switch after the DLC cycle is over.


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If your level 57, you’re at the level cap. Use the guns now and have fun. If your mentality is to wait until they have stopped updating the game then why play. Do you do that for other games that add more endgame level or gear tiers?

“Why bother playing game X when they are only at this level. I’ll just wait 5-10 years until they are done updating the game and play for the short amount of time the servers are still on.”


All of the new anoints are tied to the Cartel event. They will be going away, same as the Bloody Harvest ones.

You’ll still be able to use what you’ve found, but you won’t be able to farm for new gear with them. So when level cap goes up, we’ll get to sell all of the new shinies we are getting right now.

I was under the assumption that the new anoints have been added to the loot pool indefinitely. They are non class specific and not special like Terror anoints, they’re standard

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I hope you’re right.

However the only mention of the new anoints came with the Cartel announcement. I can only assume they are tied to that event like the Bloody Harvest anoints were.

I couldn’t find the Facebook post but it said “added new anointments to the loot pool” and these newbies have no specific Cartel parameters…

May be some misconception here, I’m unsure

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I suspect, just guessing, the final level cap will be 60 (hopefully no higher than that, I don’t want to see BL3 go down the TPS path of too many skill points making all skill tree builds kinda same-y but that’s a whole other topic) but weapons like the OPQ and Yellowcake are so OP they’ll still be viable at level 60. In BL2 you would probably start to feel them dropping off but the scaling in BL3 is gentler.

anybody still has terror anointment gear? :slight_smile:

i had some for 1 build… but it’s useless and ditched it for bank space… (most is still useless but i can’t say wich items are M10 worthy)

GB openly said they wanted players to experiment with diffrent builds… then they force you to refarm EVERYTHING in an increasingly diluted lootpool…

they are trying to keep people playing the farm game, but they are actualy making it worse and people are leaving…

what they should do IMHO, increase the level 2 more times (each DLC) and then STOP…
For loot, remove non anointed (or make non anointed stronger versions because it’s vendor trash if there’s no anointment on it)
fix the broken lootspam and make farming fun (there’s allready some legendary gear you can get from quests… why not make this a thing for some weapons like the wedding invitation? give us something to do!)
for crying out loud… if you are going to scale weapons… either have the damage scale through mayhem like they did in old mayhem (imho the best option) or have every mayhem level drop scaled items AND PUT A TAG ON IT!!


Revenge of the Cartels features an all-new area, fresh enemy types, limited-time Challenges, and of course, tons of gear to collect including new Legendaries and Anointments.

There’s no mention of new anointments in the Mayhem 2.0 announcement.

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Hmmm me sees and suspects ill advertising.

Well if While AS is active goes away it won’t be that bad but gee… I liked my 500% nova crits. We were suffering, then we had the power… Then… They took it away


Still got some on my mule, but don’t use it as all my characters are now overleveled. Might try a build for M0, but I couldn’t use it for anything higher.

Like every other event. After an event ends, if they are locking access, they should add a way to level up locked items, like the wedding invitation, so they stay at the level cap. Not all items, necessarily (since they seem to be obsessed with forcing players to farm), but anything you can’t get any more, definitely.

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I think on the main Gearbox news site where they announced the release of the Cartel event, that is where they announced the new anointments, rather than announcing it as part of the Mayhem 2.0 release. That may imply it’s tied to the Cartel event and is temporary. On the other hand, terror did operate differently as you needed the skulls to create terror–you can still do that with underleveled items such as ghast calls (which sill worked well pre mayhem 2.0), but otherwise cannot do it. The new anointments are not tied to anything special so conceivably if there is a new level cap increase at some point (or even just on post June 4 drops) these can continue. Also, things like 300% damage on enemies over 90% health or 200% damage increase while your action skill is active seems geared towards surviving higher mayhem levels. Rather than being a gimmick like terror, these seem to have a specific purpose.


They seemed like standard additions… Even if I wasn’t entirely frothing at the mouth over them… %200 dam while AS is active didn’t rub IB’s arm the slightest…

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