All Things Caldarius

So we have a lore room now so we can gush about our characters instead of in their specific subforums.

we’re skipping time here a bit, it gets off caldy.

that gets you up to speed on what ive brought up on discord. please feel free to bring up any of your own questions/answers, etc.


Would be nice to have some “official input” on that too.

You made me a little curious about Caldy lately and it went as far to remind me of my latin classes and what we had to read/translate in it. :smiley:

(Although, Spartacus might be more fitting for Attikus when I think about it now.)

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So, you wonder [above] what made Caldy want “the Sustainment”. Now, I unlocked his lore as first and no other’s of the Jennerit so I speak without backup, but just that pint of Caldarius’ lore says a lot:
he starts as a gladiator slave. He socially advances through enlistment to Jennerit army (to the point of becoming a general, and not just any general, a folk legend) …after he got denied “the Sustainment”. Anyways, what this all tells us is that he’s ambitious, stubborn/hard to kill and desires the advancement.
So let’s get back to Caldarius the slave: the lowest class of them all(well, maybe primal thrall are lower :wink: ).

Why would the slave want “the Sustainment”, the process of creating “uber-Jennerit”, awarded to few, the finest of Jennerit society, the process that basically paves one’s way to join the Jennerit elite? Why?

Is there an actual person in caldarius? Like he is a gundam? Or is he just some robot? The world will never know

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We do know there is a dude in there. A very small dude (think the alien in the robot human suit with the cat in the first Men in Black movie), and all but outright stated to be insectoid, but a dude indeed piloting that suit like a Gundam.


Nah. They put him on the front lines in the most dangerous military position in an attempt to kill him to sidestep having to give him sustainment. "oh, you want the thing we promised you if you became champion? sorry, we drew the lotto for enlistment today and you were on it, well have to postpone until youre no longer enlisted’
caldarius survives whats basically suicide missions
‘heres your sustainment’ throws in jail to torture him after becoming sustained to salt the wound
someone didnt like caldarius. and im willing to bet it wasnt rendain who was the primary instigator.


jythri has confirmed via forums and discord posts that caldarius IS kemessian (his lore never confirms, only suggests) and the kemessians were confirmed to be insectoid, though how was never specified.


Yeah, I knew he was Kemessian. I just hadn’t seen the “Kemessians are insectoid” source for myself so I wasn’t sure if it had been confirmed.


I just wanna see Caldarius without the armor, dangit

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He got to the frontlines, yes. But what he does there? Instead just trying to “survive the hell” he chases the opportunities to get… promoted?

I don’t think Caldy’s death was the intention here. Think about it more like a booby prize, a form of fobbing him off if you will “Yeah, we promissed, but hey look, here’s a nice place for you too, a litttle higher in hierarchy than a pit fighter. With some more stuff to kill… We good? Good.”.

BTW It is Deande’s opinion Caldy had a better odds of surviving as a pit fighter. She also speculates if this was about satiating his thirst for blood. Just because the Jennerit elites didn’t want to share their “noble blood” with Kameesian doesn’t mean they’d act totally unjust. This is Rendain’s turf. Social advancement through military is a common theme in militarized societies. Even Caldy himself didn’t complain much about “the consignment”.

I’ve mentioned about Rendain, above. It’s also his work to act against commmons and tradition. He’d award Caldy sustainment, as a punishment, yes, but also against the tradition and the elites’ opinion. Doesn’t this make Caldy’s situation doubly ironic?

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Will have to find the link but latest official discussion is that Kemmesians are small very dark skinned race reaching no more than 16"-18"s in height. Tiny things. This was announced in a q&a and replied to by the man himself.

Would love to see some art.

I jist wonder if they smudged his audio lore about when he was imprisoned or if thats Caldys actual voice? I always thought the battle suit had a voice modulator.

Things that make ya go hmm?!


I thought Caldarius was a Thrall.